English word name
"a day of religious observance and abstinence from work"

Sabbath Origin and Meaning

The name Sabbath is a boy's name meaning "a day of religious observance and abstinence from work".

Sabbath is a faith-inspired word name, like Sunday or Faith, that is attracting some notice since heavy metal musician Zakk Wylde chose it for his son. But then there's the band Black Sabbath, which gives the name a more devilish twist. While there's nothing intrinsically male or female about Sabbath as a first name, it squeaked onto the Social Security roster for five boys in 2012, but was not recorded for girls. Sabbath comes from the word for "day of rest" in many ancient cultures.

Famous People Named Sabbath

  • Sabbath Page Wielandt (b. 2012)son of American musician Zakk Wylde

Sabbath in Pop Culture

  • Black SabbathEnglish rock band