Kane Origin and Meaning

The name Kane is a boy's name of Welsh, Japanese, Hawaiian origin meaning "warrior".

A name of multiple identities: a somewhat soap-operatic single-syllable surname, a homonym for the biblical bad boy Cain, and, when found in Japan and Hawaii, it transforms into the two syllable KA-neh. Kane also has multiple meanings: in Welsh, it's "beautiful"; in Japanese, "golden"; and in Hawaiian, "man of the Eastern sky."

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Kane Popularity

Famous People Named Kane

  • Miles KaneBritish musician
  • Kane Warren HodderAmerican actor
  • Kane ThompsonSamoan Rugby Union Player
  • Kanering name of Glenn Thomas Jacobs, American pro wrestler
  • Kane Allen BrownAmerican country singer
  • Kane Stuart WilliamsonNew Zealand Cricketer
  • Kane Alexander Rossi (b. 2015)son of American actor and producer Theo Rossi
  • Kane Atwood (b. 2011)son of American YouTuber Roman Atwood
  • Robert "Bob" KaneAmerican comic book artist who created Batman
  • Harry Kanestriker/captain of the England national football (soccer) team and Tottenham Hotspur

Kane in Pop Culture

  • "Citizen Kane" film about main character Charles Foster Kane
  • Kane Bullardcharacter in video game 'Ace Attorney'
  • Kanecharacter on Australian TV's "House Husbands"
  • Kanecharacter in video game "Spyro the Dragon"
  • The Kane Chroniclesseries by Rick Riordan
  • Kanecharacter in the "Command and Conquer" video game series
  • Kaneformer rockband from the Netherlands