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October 11, 2016 Abby Sandel

By Abby Sandel

Her husband loves the middle name Danger for a future son. She’s not convinced, and worries it will lead to a serious case of name regret. What would you do?

Erin writes:

My husband and I are expecting our first child early next year. We have had our names picked out forever!

If the baby is a girl her name will be Piper Amelia. If it is a boy, his name will be Luke.

Here is where we are stuck! When my husband and I met, he somehow convinced me that his middle name was Danger. Ever since, my husband has been set on that as a middle name for any future son we might have.

While I think it’s cute due to our history, I’m not sure I’m willing to name our son Luke Danger. I’m afraid when he’s 16 it will come back to haunt us! Any ideas on names that have the same meaning or flow to them?

The Name Sage replies:

There must be dozens – maybe even hundreds – of children with the middle name Danger. While there’s no official data on middle names in the US, this topic comes up from time and time, and inevitably we’ll hear from parents who have used the name.

But just because some have dared, it doesn’t mean that you should, too – especially since it sounds like you’re ambivalent at best.

Let’s start with the reasons to use Danger:

You do have a great story to tell, one that really doesn’t get old.

We’re living in the age of bold baby names, especially when it comes to middles. If kids answer to Legend and Messiah, Luke Danger doesn’t seem all that outlandish.

For the most part, we share our middle names voluntarily – or not at all. That means your son will almost certainly be Luke D. 99.9% of the time … or at least until he wants to impress his future wife!

Earlier this year, I described bold middles as “… a secret that is potentially embarrassing when you’re a teenager, but also kind of fun.”

Since you cannot possibly guess how your future teenager might feel, the only thing you can do is determine how it feels for you. Does the idea of seeing Luke Danger LastName on a birth announcement make you cringe? Then it’s time to move on.

Let’s take a look at some equally bold middle names that might appeal:

Wilder Wilder feels an awful lot like Danger – except that it is actually used as a surname, with ties to literature and the Golden Age of Hollywood. It’s rugged and preppy at once. And while Wilder is far from common, it’s gaining in use. Luke Wilder is more exciting than, say, Luke William, but it’s not as daring as Danger.

DeckerDecker seems slightly edgier than Wilder, but not quite as bold as Danger.

Pendragon – Pendragon means either “chief dragon” or “dragon head.” It’s associated with several Kings of the Britons, and especially with the legendary King Arthur. It’s an unexpected choice, and while “My middle name is Pendragon” doesn’t have quite the same ring, it might satisfy.

Tiberius – If your husband is a Star Trek fan, this one might already be on his shortlist. That’s because the T in Captain James T. Kirk stands for ancient name Tiberius. In the series, we learn that Kirk was named for his grandfathers.

Bravery – Actor Benjamin Bratt welcomed son Mateo Bravery back in 2005. It’s a big name, but wearable. After all, Bravery is a virtue, and the name sounds an awful lot like Brayden and Avery.

Valor – Speaking of virtue names, perhaps Valor would appeal? While Bravery is the kind of word that comes up in everyday conversation, that’s less true of Valor. And it shares the same two-syllable, ends-in-r style of Wilder, Decker, and Danger.

Bonaventure Bonaventure means good fortune. That makes it an auspicious choice for a child’s middle name. Plus it sounds as if the word “adventure” is baked in, promising not only luck, but plenty of excitement, too.

My suggestion would be Luke Wilder. It’s cool and dashing and different, but not nearly as eyebrow-raising a choice.

And yet, I’m not sure that you should rule Danger out. Nickelodeon currently features a series called Henry Danger, about a regular thirteen-year old kid who becomes sidekick to his town’s superhero. Because Luke – like Henry – is an impeccable classic of a given name, there’s much more room for choosing a dramatic middle.

Let’s have a poll!

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