June Baby Names Welcome the Summer!

June Baby Names Welcome the Summer!

June baby names take their inspiration from the changing of the seasons. Warm and welcoming summer baby names, as well as names meaning golden or yellow, celebrate the start of the sunny season.

Its long, lazy days and golden sunshine make June a particularly perfect month to welcome a new family member. And names meaning sunshine, like Samson and Sunniva, are among our favorite choices for a June-born baby.

Other June-inspired baby names include names relating to air or water, like Airlie and Ocean, in reference to the June zodiac signs of Gemini and Cancer. The June birthstone, Pearl, and flower, Rose, also make for beautiful baby girl names with a sweet and subtle link to the month.

If you’re in need of name inspiration for a baby due this month, here is our definitive guide to names for June babies.


Top June Names

The most popular June-inspired names include two strong choices for a baby boy whose meanings make them perfect for a son born around Fathers’ Day (June 20). Abram means “exalted father” and Axel means “father of peace”.

You might also draw inspiration from other notable dates, such as the birthdays of famous figures like Anne Frank (June 12) and Frank Lloyd Wright (June 8), or the anniversary of the first woman in space, Valentina Tereshkova (June 16).

Stylish sun-kissed baby names perfect for a June-born baby include Summer itself, as well as names with summery natural connections, like River, Skye and Celeste.

Here are some of the hottest June baby names right now:


Girl Names

The June star signs, Gemini and Cancer, are associated with the colors yellow and blue – a perfect beachy color palette to draw baby name inspiration from! Vibrant hues like Azure and Indigo, Goldie and Saffron, would make for cool and colorful girl names perfect for an early summer arrival.

If Summer and June feel too on-the-nose, you could also consider some of the many beautiful international names meaning summer or sun. Kalindi is a Sanskrit name meaning “sun”, Scandinavian Sunniva means “sun gift”, sweet Suvi is Finnish for “summer”, and Irish Orla means “golden princess”.

And of course, there’s also a full bouquet of floral girl names to consider, celebrating the season when nature is in full bloom.


Boy Names

As well as hot sun-inspired boys’ names like Elio and Apollo, our favorite June boy names include two more cool celestial choices. Mercury and Luan (meaning “moon”) relate to the two heavenly bodies which rule the month of June, according to the astrological calendar.

Names relating to water or air are also fitting for a baby boy born the first month of summer, and include cool, original options like Murray and Ocean, Guthrie and Zephyr.

There are also some seriously stylish saints’ names whose feast days fall in June, like Ambrose (June 3), Benno (June 16) and Laszlo (June 27).


Unique June Baby Names

If even Ambrose and Zephyr aren’t unique enough for you, perhaps you’d consider one of these super-rare June baby names – all given to no more than 30 babies in 2020.

From international names meaning “wind” (Bayu), “sky” (Cielo) and “sun” (Sulien), to uncommon floral choices like Daylily, Garland, and Yarrow, these June-inspired monikers are sure to stand out from the crowd.

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