June Baby Names

June marks the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere, so any sunny, summery name is would be fitting for a June baby. Names related to June’s birthstones, pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone, are bountiful. Likewise, names inspired by rose and honeysuckle, June’s birth flowers, are apt for a baby born in June.

Along with Pearl and June itself, other June baby names in the US Top 1000 include Alexander, Diego, Greta, Harvey, Margot, Olive, Rome, and Summer. One-of-a-kind June names for your baby include Helmi, Jarah, Nuray, and Rosamel.

Names for June babies may also connect to famous people born in June or historical events that took place during the month. Father’s Day is celebrated in June in the United States, so names with fatherly meanings, like Abigail and Axel, make good options for a June baby. These names are worth a thought if you are having a June baby.

Names for June Babies
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