Oriol Origin and Meaning

The name Oriol is a boy's name of Catalan origin meaning "golden".

Intriguing name that's a Top 100 choice in Spain and virtually unknown outside that country. But has definitely possibilities for the adventurous baby namer.

Oriol Popularity

Famous People Named Oriol

  • Saint Joseph OriolSpanish priest
  • Oriol ElcachoSpanish male model
  • Oriol JunquerasSpanish politician; Vice President of Catalonia
  • Oriol de BolòsSpanish botanist
  • Oriol MartorellSpanish music director and politician
  • (Josep) Oriol AlsinaSpanish footballer
  • Oriol RomeuSpanish footballer
  • Oriol ServiàSpanish racing driver
  • Oriol RieraSpanish footballer

Oriol in Pop Culture

  • Catalan pronunciation: "Uhriol" with a very soft 'r' and a very strong 'l'.
  • Side note: it's not really used in Spain as a wholejust in Catalunya (where it's an extremely common name)