Aries Baby Names Catch Fire

Aries Baby Names Catch Fire

Aries names are as fiery, bold, and energetic as the people born under the sign of the ram. Astrology names are a big trend, so would you use any of these for an Aries baby?

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is the brave and passionate leader of the signs. Powerful boy names and girl names that mean strength and courage would make excellent names for Aries babies.

Symbols connected to Aries offer ample inspiration for Aries baby names. Aries is one of the three fire signs of the zodiac, so fiery names are ideal for an Aries son or daughter, as well as red names, which is the color most strongly connected to Aries.

Aries names also connect to Spring names, as the start of the astrological calendar coincides with the beginning of Spring. Alternatively, you may wish to give your child the name of a notable Aries, whether in tribute to a modern celebrity or historical figure.

If you’re expecting a baby between March 20th and April 19th but need more name inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to naming your Aries baby.

If you're an Aries yourself — known for bringing passion, ambition, and a competitive spirit to the baby naming process — check out your own name style and naming preferences in your Aries Namer profile. This guide will allow you to reflect on your own strengths and struggles in the business of naming a baby, as well as provide a plethora of tips and tricks on how to balance your strong spirit with a partner of any other zodiac sign.

Top Aries Names

Names that mean fire are having a moment. Ember and Nova are two fast-rising girl names of recent years, and Phoenix has been steadily creeping up the charts for both sexes. Blaze and Cole are also popular names, although each has taken a dip in popularity.

Names that mean red are another trendy subset of Aries names. Ruby, Scarlett, and Jasper — which is also one of the stones associated with Aries — are peak chic.

Aries itself makes the list of Top Aries baby names. Aside from Leo, it’s the most common zodiac sign name — it first made the Top 1000 in 2018, and now ranks at Number 915. The combination of astrological and mythological significance — Aries was the Roman god of war — makes Aries an appealing choice to modern, style-conscious parents.

Here, Aries names that make the US Top 1000:

Aries Girl Names

Aries always begins around the vernal equinox — the official first day of Spring. We love seasonal names for babies born any time of the year, but Spring is an especially great time to name a daughter. Take your pick of flower names, but may we suggest Flora? The pan-floral name is on the rise and now sits at Number 647. Other Springy names include Persephone, the Greek goddess of Spring, and the botanical Clover.

Notable Aries women may provide inspiration for naming an Aries daughter. Feminist icon Gloria Steinem is an Aries, as is famed racecar driver Danica Patrick. Other Aries names that honor great women include Flannery (O’Connor), Billie (Holiday), and (Maya) Angelou.

Below, some of our favorite Aries baby names for girls:

Aries Boy Names

As the first sign of the modern astrological calendar, babies born under Aries would be well-suited to a name that reflects beginnings or leadership. There are a number of good choices for boys, including Issey and Odion, which refer to first-born sons, Primo, the Italian word for “first,” Asier, a Basque name meaning “the beginning,” and Llewellyn, a Welsh name meaning “leader’s image.”

Aries season begins in late March and ends in April, and the months themselves offer a wealth of baby name possibilities. Mars, the name Roman war god whom March was named after, is currently one of the hottest planetary names of the moment, second only to Jupiter.

The are many prominent Aries men with distinctive names to consider. Iconic singer Elton John was born during Aries season, as was acclaimed actor Marlon Brando and Renaissance painter Raphael.

Here, 20 of the best Aries names for boys:

Unique Aries Names

Jubal is an intriguing possibility for an Aries son, as it connects to the ram, the symbol of Aries. Jubal means “ram’s horn” and is featured prominently in the Bible. Jubilee is the more commonly used feminine variation of the name that is rising in use.

Easter, which always falls while the sun is in Aries, is a truly unique possibility for a daughter, as fewer than five baby girls were given the name in 2021.

We strongly endorse the name Olwen, who was a princess from Arthurian legend associated with Spring. Tennessee, with its Southern romance, feels infinitely more usable thanks to Reese Witherspoon, who gave it to her son in 2012. It’s a fantastic Aries honor name, after playwright Tennessee Williams. And Fiammetta is a badass princess name that connects to the fiery qualities of Aries.

Unique Aries names were given to fewer than 100 babies in 2021. Below, a selection of our favorites:

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