"ram's horn"

Jubal Origin and Meaning

The name Jubal is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "ram's horn".

This unusual name might be a possibility for musical families: Jubal was credited in Genesis with the invention of the lyre, flute, harp, and organ. It also has a jubilant feel through its sound and meaning, and has had some southern popularity via Confederate general Jubal Anderson Early. George Eliot wrote a poem called The Legend of Jubal.

There have been a few Jubals in contemporary culture as well: Jubal Harshaw in Robert A. Heinlein's sci-fi classic Stranger in a Strange Land and Jubal Early in Joss Whedon's TV cult favorite,Firefly.

Jubal Popularity

Famous People Named Jubal

  • JubalBiblical figure described as the "ancestor of all who played the harp and flute."
  • Jubal EarlyAmerican lawyer and Confederate general
  • Jubal (Rocha Mendes Júnior)Brazilian footballer
  • Jubal BrownCanadian artist and videographer
  • Jubal Palmerhalf,brother of American actress Winona Ryder

Jubal in Pop Culture

  • Jubal Troopmain character in 1956 film "Jubal"
  • "Jubal Sackett" novel by Louis L'Amour and its main character
  • Jubal Earlycharacter on TV's Firefly
  • Jubal Harshawcharacter in the novel Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein
  • Jubal Droadcharacter in novel Maske: Thaery by Jack Vance
  • Jubalcharacter in the Thieves' World universe