Welsh, variation of Llywelyn
"leader's image"

Llewellyn Origin and Meaning

The name Llewellyn is a boy's name of Welsh origin meaning "leader's image".

Llewellyn/Llywelyn is a common patriotic first name in Wales, with its distinctive Welsh double LL's; in the U.S. Llewellyn would make a daring choice, though with the chance that some might find the ellen sound slightly feminine.

Two princes who played a great role in the medieval Welsh quest for independence were Llewelyn Fawr (Llewelyn the Great) and Llywelyn yr Olaf (Llywelyn the Last).

Llewelyn Moss is a major character in Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men, played on screen by Josh Brolin.

Llewellyn, which can be spelled in a number of ways, has some appealing, if quirky, short forms as well--Llew, Lleu and Llelo.

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Llewellyn Popularity

Famous People Named Llewellyn

  • Llewellyn HerbertSouth African Olympic sprinter
  • Llewellyn AtkinsonAustralian MP
  • Llewellyn ThompsonU.S. diplomat
  • Llewellyn PowersAmerican politician, 44th governor of Maine
  • Llewellyn ThomasBritish physicist
  • Llewellyn LloydWelsh rugby player
  • Silvia Llewellyn Davisinspired Peter Pan

Llewellyn in Pop Culture

  • Davy Llewellyncharacter in 'The Maid of Sker' by R. D. Blackmore
  • McKenna "Mac" Llewellyn Taylorcharacter on 'CSI: NY'
  • Dr. Llewellyn Francischaracter from CBC's "Murdoch Mysteries"
  • Detective Llewellyn Wattscharacter from CBC's "Murdoch Mysteries"
  • Llewellyn "Louie" Duckcharacter in "DuckTales"
  • Dr. Samuel Llewellyn CornickCharacter from Patricia Briggs, Alpha and Omega and Mercy Thompson