HeartKUH-muh-luh (Hindi); kah-MAH-la (Hawaiian)
Hindi, Hawaiian
"lotus or pale red; or, a garden"

Kamala Origin and Meaning

The name Kamala is a girl's name of Hindi origin meaning "lotus or pale red; or, a garden".

A multicultural name that manages to sound soft and strong at the same time, Kamala is also another name for the Hindu goddess Lakshmi.

Former California Attorney General Kamala Harris (who describes her own name's pronunciation as COMMA-la), Joe Biden's vice presidential pick in the 2020 election, is the first Indian-American and the first Black woman to run on a US Presidential ticket for a major party – preceded only by Charlotta Bass, who ran on the Progressive Party ticket in 1952. Kamala Harris's mother was Indian and her father is Jamaican.

A rising star in the Democratic Party, Harris was sworn in as her state's junior senator in January 2017 and instantly became one of the most visible critics of the Trump Administration. She makes Kamala one of the most recognizable Hindi names for girls, with a strong sound and international appeal.

Kamala Popularity

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Famous People Named Kamala

  • Kamala Reddybirth name of Mother Meera, Indian religious leader
  • Kamala Devi HarrisAmerican politician; former California attorney general and current U.S. Senator/Vice,President elect
  • Kamala DasIndian English poet and fiction writer

Kamala in Pop Culture

  • Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvelcomics character
  • Chamallaa herb with curative properties on TV's "Battlestar Galactica"
  • Kamalacharacter in Barbara Cartland's "Journey to Paradise"
  • Kamala means "awful" in Finnish
  • Kamalas are an evil shadowlike species in the video game "Fran Bow"

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