Primo Origin and Meaning

The name Primo is a boy's name of Italian origin meaning "first".

Primo is number one among the Latin birth-order names--Octavius et al--and the one most likely to be used in these days of smaller families. It has that jaunty 'o' ending and Italian flavor that many modern parents like so much. And what little boy wouldn't appreciate being prime?

Italian author Primo Levi, known for his writings on the Holocaust, is a famous bearer.

Primo Popularity

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Famous People Named Primo

  • Primo Michele LeviItalian chemist and author
  • Primo CarneraItalian boxer
  • Edwin Carlos "Primo" ColónPuerto Rican pro wrestler
  • Primo ContiItalian artist
  • Ralph Edward "Primo" MillerAmerican NFL player
  • Primo ZampariniItalian boxer

Primo in Pop Culture

  • Primoterm to describe quality of drugs
  • Primo Beera brand of beer