Names Meaning Fire For Your Little Spark

Names Meaning Fire For Your Little Spark

Names that mean fire are perfect for this time of the year, when (in the northern hemisphere) the nights draw in and fire provides warmth, comfort, and light. It plays a central role in festivals like Diwali, Hanukkah, and Samhain. Sagittarius names, for babies born in late November and early December, are ruled by the element fire.

As an element universal to humans, as powerful as it is warm, it’s no surprise that names that mean fire are present in many languages and cultures. We’ve rounded up our favorite names for boys and girls with a literal fiery meaning, and with fire associations, like Phoenix.


The Greek sun god is one of the fastest-rising mythological baby names today, ranking at Number 400 in the USA in 2021. Its feminine forms, Apollonia and Apolline, are much rarer.


Blaise is a saintly name, but spell it Blaze and you get a punchy word name that ranks in the Top 100 boy names. It could make a powerful unexpected one-syllable middle name for either gender.


An Irish saint's name — also spelled Conleth — with the unusual meaning "chaste fire". In the US today it's rare and unisex, given to 38 girls and 55 boys in 2021. With its combination of popular sounds, it could go far if more parents knew about it.

Popular Names Meaning Fire

These flaming-hot choices are in the US Top 500 baby names.


Ancient, biblical Cyrus is making a serious comeback: it's in the US Top 500, but is one of the most popular names on Nameberry, a sign that it will rise further yet. It follows in the footsteps of similar-sounding Silas, and we're watching other names with that cool "Cy" sound too.


This sunny Italian and Spanish name is another one to watch. It entered the US Top 1000 in 2021, and with its cross-cultural simplicity and cool O ending, we can see it being the next Enzo.


Amber is fast becoming a mom name, but change one letter and you get a warm, glowing word name that's rising fast. It has the appeal of popular Em- names like Emma, but a distinct sound of its own.

Unique Names that Mean Fire

These rare fiery baby names come from worldwide languages and mythology, but are little-used in the English-speaking world.


Meaning "white fire", this Irish name adds a little extra to Finn, but is surprisingly rare: it was given to only 16 boys in 2021.


Cool, friendly and with a seal of authenticity, several celebrities including Scott Porter have used this for their children. It entered the US Top 1000 in 2020, and is still climbing the charts.


Seraphina has long been a favorite with Nameberry readers, and the rest of the world is starting to catch up. It fits the trend for long, dramatic girl names like Ophelia and Persephone, with the added bonus of angelic, biblical significance.


Shula is elegant, musical, straightforward... and shockingly rare. In fact, it was given to under 5 babies in the US in 2020, so didn't even make the charts. Shula has roots in several cultures, and in Arabic means "flame".

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