English, diminutive of Wilhelmina, Wilma
"resolute protection"

Billie Origin and Meaning

The name Billie is a girl's name of English origin meaning "resolute protection".

Billie is a tomboy nickname name, part of the growing trend for using boyish nicknames for girls and now destined for stardom along with its most famous contemporary bearer, music sensation Billie Eilish.

To track its path from blue to pink, Billie was 100% male in 1880, was 55% female just a decade later, in the girls' Top 100 by 1928, and is now overwhelmingly female.

Billie is a possible retro choice for fans of jazz great Billie Holiday, born Eleanora, and a very contemporary choice for teen singer Billie Eilish -- born Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell. Other conceivable namesakes are The Wizard of Oz's Glinda--Billie Burke (born Mary William), silent screen star Billie Dove (born Bertha), actresses Billie Whitelaw and Billie Piper (born Lianne) and tennis legend Billie Jean King (born Billie). Another cultural reference is the Michael Jackson hit song 'Billie Jean.'

Billie was picked for their daughters by Carrie Fisher, My Name is Earl actor Ethan Suplee, and Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane.

# 865 in the US

Billie Rank in US Top 1000

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Billie Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Billie Popularity

Famous People Named Billie

  • Billie Holiday (born Eleanora Fagan)American jazz singer
  • Billie Jean KingAmerican tennis player
  • Billie Paul PiperEnglish actress
  • Billie Eilish (Pirate Baird O’Connell)American singer
  • Billie Dovestage name of Lillian (born Bertha) Bohny, American actress
  • Mary William Ethelbert Appleton "Billie" BurkeAmerican actress
  • Billie Honor WhitelawEnglish actress
  • Billie FlemingEnglish cyclist
  • Billie Jo Spears (born Billie Joe Moore)American country music singer
  • Mary Evelyn "Billie" FrechetteAmerican singer and lover of criminal John Dillinger
  • Billie Catherine Lourd (b. 1992)American actress; daughter of actress Carrie Fisher and Bryan Lourd
  • Billie Henry (b. 1991)daughter of comedians Lenny Henry and Dawn French
  • Billie Chedid (b. 2003)daughter of singer Matthieu Chedid
  • Billie Vanes (b. 2004)daughter of singer Axelle Red and Filip Vanes
  • Billie Coghill (b. 2006)daughter of actors Chris Coghill and Lisa Faulkner
  • Billie Grace Suplee (b. 2007)daughter of American actor Ethan Suplee
  • Billie Grace McGinley (b. 2008)daughter of actor John McGinley & Nichole Kessler
  • Billie Bühler (b. 2008)daughter of singer Urs Bühler of Il Divo
  • Billie Rae Lynch (b. 2008)daughter of singers Shane Lynch and Sheena White
  • Billie Beatrice Dane (b. 2010)daughter of actors Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart
  • BillieEve Bart,Williams (b. 2010), daughter of singers Ayo and Patrice Bart,Williams
  • BillieRose Lauzon (b. 2010), daughter of ice dancers Marie,France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon
  • Billie Rosie Holmes (b. 2013)daughter of actress Sonya Walger and producer Davey Holmes
  • Billie Kate Judd (b. 2014)daughter of footballer Chris Judd & model Rebecca Judd

Billie in Pop Culture

  • "Billie Jean" song by Michael Jackson
  • Billie Carolmain character in 1965 film "Billie"
  • Billie Pikefrom movie "Paradise" played by Thora Birch
  • Billie Jenkinsmain character on TV's Charmed
  • Billie Youngcharacter on TV's Night Court
  • Billie Dean Howardcharacter from "American Horror Story"
  • Emma "Billie" Dawnmain character in film "Born Yesterday"

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