Unique Girl Names from Nature

July 16, 2017 Pamela Redmond
unique girl names

Unique girl names are a wide and varied group, bur perhaps the very best are drawn from nature.

If you love nature names for girls, you have a world of choices beyond the obvious River and Rose.

The girl names here live below the US Top 1000 baby names, yet are not so far out on the limb — like Apple, literally — that people will be shocked.

We looked for girls’ names that referenced plants and animals, the ocean and the sky. We also included names of places known for their beautiful natural features and times of year rich with natural qualities.

And of course, unique names for girls can also be found in other, more unusual corners of the natural world. Bird names are fashionable right now, for instance, including Birdie and Sparrow. Star names for baby girls, such as Andromeda and Venus, might prove inspirational.

Colors can also be unique nature names for baby girls. Here we include Indigo and Lavender, and you might consider Coral a color name as well. And weather names such as Sunny or Storm are another fascinating category of rare nature names.

Some of these names, such as Clover and Ocean, announce their connection to nature in plain terms. Others, such as Acacia and Sedona, are more subtle.

All are worth consideration if you love unusual nature names.

Unique Girl Names from Nature

  1. Acacia
  2. Andromeda
  3. Birdie
  4. Clover
  5. Coral
  6. Fawn
  7. Fern
  8. Harbor
  9. Honey
  10. Indigo
  11. Lavender
  12. Linden
  13. Lotus
  14. Marigold
  15. Ocean
  16. October
  17. Onyx
  18. Primrose
  19. Rain
  20. Sahara
  21. Sedona
  22. Snow
  23. Sparrow
  24. Star
  25. Storm
  26. Sunny
  27. Timber
  28. Venus
  29. Zinnia

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