125+ Rare and Amazing Nature Names

Yours for the picking!

By Esmeralda Rocha

Nature names are a perennial favorite for American parents, with baby names like Lily, Rose and Poppy long dominating the charts. More recent star performers have come from further afield than the floral section of the natural world, with Willow, Hazel, Ivy, Summer, River, Raven, and Reed all in the Top 500 in 2017.

But parents are increasingly looking to even more obscure inspiration for their baby names. We now bring you all of the nature names that were given to fewer than 200 children in the USA in 2017.


Bear, given to 196 boys

Hawk, given to 87 boys

Sparrow, given to 87 girls and 10 boys

Wolf, given to 73 boys

Lark, given to 58 girls and 6 boys

Lion, given to 29 boys

Tiger, given to 28 boys with a further 14 boys named Tyger

Dove, given to 26 girls

Koi, given to 26 boys and 25 girls

Falcon, given to 23 boys

Sable, given to 20 girls

Lynx, given to 19 boys

Fawn, given to 17 girls

Cricket, given to 16 girls

Heron, given to 16 boys

Finch, given to 15 boys

Newt, given to 15 boys

Cub, given to 11 boys

Starling, given to 9 girls and 5 boys

Coyote, given to 8 boys

Fennec, given to 7 boys

Eagle, given to 6 boys

Feather, given to 6 girls

Jaguar, given to 6 boys

Trees and other plants

Clover, given to 179 girls

Cedar, given to 132 boys and 32 girls

Linden, given to 104 boys

Maple, given to 95 girls

Acacia, given to 89 girls

Mahogany, given to 88 girls

Fern, given to 86 girls

Sequoia, given to 79 girls and 17 boys

Branch, given to 70 boys

Timber, given to 64 boys and 61 girls

Basil, given to 58 boys and 24 girls

Alder, given to 56 boys and 9 girls

Ebony, given to 47 girls

Rue, given to 44 girls and 6 boys

Cypress, given to 36 girls and 35 boys

Oak, given to 35 boys

Rye, given to 34 boys

Arbor, given to 30 girls and 13 boys

Birch, given to 20 boys

Cotton, given to 17 boys

Banyan, given to 14 boys

Maize, given to 8 girls and 6 boys

Thorn, given to 7 boys

Leaf, given to 6 boys

Fruit and spices

Pepper, given to 121 girls

Ginger, given to 62 girls

Cassia, 51 girls

Cherry, given to 26 girls

Lemon, given to 25 girls

Saffron, given to 21 girls

Apple, given to 8 girls

Anise, given to 6 girls

Berry, given to 6 girls


Calla, given to 175 girls

Linnea, given to 153 girls

Zinnia, given to 145 girls

Marigold, given to 131 girls

Lotus, given to 114 girls and 10 boys

Lavender, given to 86 girls

Amaryllis, given to 67 girls

Primrose, given to 56 girls

Aster, given to 23 girls

Tulip, given to 21 girls

Garland, given to 16 boys and 9 girls

Gardenia, given to 13 girls

Fleur, given to 11 girls

Orchid, given to 11 girls

Chrysanthemum, given to 10 girls

SummerRose and WinterRose, given to 10 girls each

Tansy, given to 9 girls

Edelweiss, given to 7 girls

Hyacinth, given to 7 girls

Gems, stones and metals

Onyx, given to 188 boys and 66 girls

Stone given to 185 boys and 7 girls

Sapphire, given to 180 girls

Amethyst, given to 174 girls

Coral, given to 159 girls

Flint, given to 91 boys

Steel, given to 50 boys

Silver, given to 45 girls and 13 boys

Slate, given to 40 boys

Copper, given to 22 boys and 6 girls

Geo, given to 16 boys

Garnet, given to 15 girls

Beryl, given to 14 girls

Coal, given to 13 boys

Gem, given to 11 girls

Bronze, given to 7 boys

Obsidian, given to 7 boys

Cobalt, given to 6 boys


Star, given to 116 girls and 7 boys

Venus, given to 115 girls

Jupiter, given to 89 girls and 31 boys

Mars, given to 73 boys and 7 girls

Moon, given to 22 girls

Galaxy, given to 20 girls and 5 boys

Mercury, given to 11 boys

Nebula, given to 10 girls

Solaris, given to 8 girls

Stellar, given to 8 boys and 7 girls

Kuiper, given to 6 boys

Other natural phenomena

Zephyr, given to 127 boys and 39 girls

Canyon, given to 113 boys and 9 girls

Ocean, given to 108 boys and 76 girls

Storm, given to 103 girls and 60 boys with a further 112 girls and 14 boys named Stormy

Dawn, given to 99 girls

Rain, given to 88 girls and 46 boys (with a further 11 girls called Rainy)

Terra, given to 86 girls

Lake, given to 74 boys and 46 girls

Snow, given to 59 girls and 6 boys

Brook, given to 57 girls and 14 boys

Sunshine, 55 girls

Harbor, given to 53 girls and 27 boys with Harbour given to a further 12 girls

Cove, given to 50 boys and 8 girls

Reef, given to 50 boys

Cloud, given to 31 boys

Prairie, given to 24 girls

Bay, given to 22 girls and 5 boys

Breeze, given to 22 girls and 9 boys (with a further 12 girls called Breezy)

Creek, given to 20 boys

Thunder, given to 20 boys

Rainbow, given to 19 girls

Meridian, given to 16 girls

Spring, given to 16 girls

Tempest, given to 16 girls

Harvest, given to 15 girls and 6 boys

Safari, given to 15 boys

Valley, given to 15 girls

Solstice, given to 12 girls

Nature, given to 11 girls and 10 boys

Calvert, given to 9 boys

Season, given to 8 girls

Horizon, given to 6 girls

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alchemicallypurplefairy Says:

July 8th, 2018 at 11:42 pm

just curious, is this just first names, or first and middle?

Selkit Says:

July 9th, 2018 at 12:07 am

One guilty pleasure animal name of mine is Egret. I doubt I could ever actually use it for a first, but maybe for a middle. Of course, it’s only one letter off from regret…

Orchid_Lover Says:

July 9th, 2018 at 1:25 am

What is the nature connection to Calvert?

Michell Says:

July 9th, 2018 at 6:30 am

We called our daughter Otter while when I was pregnant. If it wasn’t for our last name we might have stuck w it.

Aunt_ning1 Says:

July 9th, 2018 at 12:38 pm

Orchid_Lover, I know Calvert is the name of a river in Australia.

Aunt_ning1 Says:

July 9th, 2018 at 12:39 pm

I wanted to use Canyon as a middle name for my son, but it was vetoed haha.

If I ever have a little girl I have thought of using Azalea as an honor name for my mother. She hates her name (Margaret) but Azalea’s are her favorite flower and we have several bushes at her house.

Sweekune Says:

August 2nd, 2018 at 11:51 am

My daughter’s middle name is Wren. I love nature names. If she had been a boy her middle me would have been Mallard for the duck (and the A4 Pacific train according to my husband)

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