The Baby Names That Should Be on Everyone's List

The Baby Names That Should Be on Everyone's List

The names that should be on everyone's list for 2024 are the most stylish up-and-coming choices for the year ahead.

We've identified 50 names — sourced from our Nameberry popularity charts, celebrity birth announcements, movies and television shows, and of course, our own intuition — that feel just right for 2024 babies.

Names that should be on everyone's list include trending nature names like Opal and Harbor, vintage revivals such as Agnes and Chester, and unisex favorites including Clancy and Winslow.

These names fit baby name trends 2024 — look out for Atmospheric and Natural Glamour names! — and will be cool names for years to come.

Whether or not you're expecting a baby this year, these are the names that should be on your list for 2024:

Baby Names That Should Be on Everyone's List


She's not just a tennis superstar — Serena Williams has earned her status as a world-class baby namer. Williams and husband Alexis Ohanian gave their daughter the rare name Adira, a perfect complement to older sister Olympia. Feminine, cross-cultural, and boasting a powerful meaning, "strong", Adira is a winning choice.


Atmospheric names are one of our top trends for 2024, and Aero is poised to rise to the top. It shares sounds with the swift word name Arrow but has a softer, more ethereal image. Actor Brant Daugherty recently welcomed a son named Aero Lore, although this name works just as well for girls.


"Baby Men and Women", meaning adult-sounding names that children will grow into, is another of our top trends this year, and Agnes is a perfect example. It feels like a grown-up choice for a baby, but this gentle, elegant classic was last at peak popularity in the 1910s and '20s, and is due for a revival any time now.


Ainara is a Top 100 name in Spain, yet is barely known in the US. We love its nature meaning — it means "swallow bird" in the Basque language — and its sound offers something similar, yet different enough, to more popular options like Amaya and Anaya.


Cute, cheeky Alfie is one of the most popular British nicknames-as-full-names, and has ranked as high as the Top 5 in England in recent years. It has always been rare Stateside, but is starting to trend upwards. If Charlie and Archie are too popular for you, Alfie would be a great alternative.


Artemis is one of the hottest mythological names of the moment, rising up the charts for girls and boys. She's the Greek goddess of the moon, but Ukrainian variation Artem is strictly masculine. Artem was a Top 5 pick in Ukraine for 2022, as well as a Top 100 choice in Poland.


Charlie and Frankie have been heading the trend of boyish nicknames for girls, with Stevie, Scottie, and Billie on their heels. Billie has a jazzy, retro vibe a la Billie Holiday, but feels modern amongst today's naming trends, along with the popularity of young musical sensation Billie Eilish.


The naming community has been crushing on Boaz for years, and now the rest of the world is starting to wake up to it too. Like Noah, this is a sturdy, no-frills Old Testament name, and it has both a truly distinctive sound, and the potential for Bo as a cool nickname.


Woodsy names for boys are red-hot, with Forest, Cedar, Woods, and even Branch climbing quickly in popularity. A newfound favorite on the Nameberry forums — especially as a middle name — Bramble is amongst the newest wave of quirky nature names catching our eye. The charming nickname Bram brings this name down to earth.


Baltimore mayor Brandon Scott announced that he would name his first child Charm — after Charm City, of course — regardless of their sex. On December 26 he welcomed a son named Charm Jamie. We've been predicting the rise of this word name for years now — could this birth announcement be what it takes for Charm to pop?


Already a cool grandpa name in the UK — where it currently ranks in the Top 100 — Chester is due for a revival on our side of the pond. It has the same quirky vibe as rising choices Archie and Otto, and nickname Chet feels like bonafide cowboy name.


Baby name TikTok is obsessed with cool girl names — mainly boy names for girls, like trendy choices Scottie and Leni. One name that consistently slides under the radar is Clancy, a jaunty Irish surname that feels ripe for discovery. It's the perfect alternative for more common redhead unisex names like Rory and Rowan.


Chic and cosmopolitan Cosima has been on our watchlist ever since Cosmo was used by Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost for their son. Both names mean "order" or "universe", placing them among the most fashionable celestial names.


Amid their tumultuous, highly-publicized split, it was revealed that the second daughter of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas is named Delphine — a perennial favorite on Nameberry. This chic name is a rare double nature name, with connections to the delphinium flower and the dolphin. Delphine is now dated in its native France, but perfectly in step with current American styles.


As the last generation of Biblical girl names — Rachel, Sarah, Rebecca, and co. — make their mark as the new generation of mom names, it's about time for Dinah to leave the kitchen and come back to the nurseries. If you want a charming and offbeat vintage name truly off of other parents' radars, this one's for you.


It's been quite a year for Elvis — it was rumored to be the name of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's son and social media sensation Trisha Paytas announced it as the name of her forthcoming daughter. Both are signs that Elvis is ready to step away from Presley, and into the name pool.


The Norse mythology equivalent of the Bible's Eve, Embla — meaning "elm" — is one of the rarest and most intriguing Em- names for girls. One part sweet and classic Emma, one part sassy and fiery Ember, what's not to love?


If you love the streamlined look and sound of Emma, Bella, Tessa, and the like but want a name that stands out in a crowd, try Fenna. This vintage Dutch name meaning "peace" is having a comeback in the Netherlands, currently in the country's Top 50 girl names. However, in the US, less than 15 baby girls were given this pretty name last year.


Originally a short form of surnames Fitzwilliam, Fitzpatrick, Fitzgerald, and the like, we love "just Fitz" for a baby boy. With plenty of personality packed into its punchy single syllable, Fitz is one of the coolest under-the-radar Gaelic names today.


The ultimate everyman, Guy last peaked in the US in the 1950s. According to the 100 Year Rule, it shouldn't be back in style for another two decades, and yet we've noticed Guy on the lists of more than a few fashionable parents. It's a delightfully unexpected vintage choice deserving of a comeback.


Harbor has the trifecta of stylish elements in today's naming world. A noveau word name with an outdoorsy connection, gender-neutral in both vibe and usage, and with a wonderful meaning to top it off — "place of safety and refuge" — Harbor is equipped to be a cooler Harper and a less trendy Haven.


A strong and streamlined boy name with a sensitive side — it's every Berry's wishlist! Yes, Hart is a favorite in our Berry community, but we're waiting for the rest of the world to catch up. It was only given to 50 American baby boys at last count, but we could see Hart as a future member of the Top 1000.


Of all the color names for babies, names that mean purple are perhaps the most stylish subset — think Violet and Iris, and rising choices Lavender and yep, Indigo. The name of this purple-blue hue has a bouncy rhythm and naturally shortens to the funky nickname Indie. We like it for any gender, but female Indigos currently outnumber males by about two to one.


Now that Guinevere has risen to fame, Isolde is the next woman of Arthurian Romance with a name ready for wider use. Isolde has dramatic flair worthy of its regal meaning, "ice ruler", but the nickname Izzy is always there should you want a more down-to-earth short form.


Juniper is old news to us namenerds, but short form Junie on the birth certificate? Now there's a fresh idea. Junie — and alternate spelling Juni — are both well outside the Top 1000 but would sound right at home alongside classmates called Josie and Millie. The acclaimed Netflix series Beef featured an adorable girl named Junie, which may draw more attention to this name.


Meaning "the voice" in Hawaiian, Kaleo echoes the cool sounds of popular names like Kai, Leo, and Mateo. It is especially popular on the West Coast, but we can see parents nationwide falling in love with this laid-back boy name.


As names like Sadie and Ellie start to plateau, Lainey is the latest favorite among parents searching for a sweet old-fashioned nickname for their daughters. Especially, it seems, in the vintage name-loving Midwest, where 2023 tallies of popular names put Lainey in the Top 10 for cities in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota.


Strong and streamlined Laith is a fierce cross-cultural name for a son. It has roots in Scottish, where it's derived from the river Leith, and Arabic, in which it means "lion". If Leo and co. are too saturated for your liking, Laith is a striking leonine alternative.


Boasting both a zippy Z and an energetic -o ending, Laszlo is all-around just a fun name to say. This classic Hungarian boy name is both familiar and extremely rare in the States (the winning combo for Berries), with an alluring European flair.


An evocative French nature name meaning "to climb like a vine", Liana also has roots in a about a dozen other cultures and languages, including Arabic, Persian, and Italian. With it's lyrical sound and diverse roots, it's no wonder Liana is enjoying popularity around the globe. It's a Top 100 name in Germany and Switzerland, and well-used throughout Europe and the Arab world. Here in the US, Liana is in the popularity sweet spot at Number 450.


Looking for a traditional Irish name that's fresher than Nolan and Declan? Lorcan, with its great meaning of "little fierce one", is well known in Ireland but much less so elsewhere. It was only given to 14 American boys in 2022, but was in the Top 200 most-viewed names on Nameberry last year — a sure sign that it's on name-savvy parents' minds.


Lowen is one of the hottest names to watch in its native Britain — it means "happy" in Cornish — and the data shows that American parents are starting to notice it too, for both sexes. With a soft sound echoing Owen, and the ever-popular two-syllables-ending-in-N formula, it fits perfectly into the golden spot of names that are cool and unusual, but not too out-there.


Meet the freshest Irish last name on the block! Malone echoes the sounds of popular surname-style first names like Sloane and Marlowe, but is surprisingly given to under 20 boys and girls each year. We love it for both! With the stress on the last syllable, it's also a great middle name that will give any combination a beautiful flow.


Naomi is a familiar biblical classic, but Noemi — the equivalent in Spanish and several other European languages — has an extra touch of elegance and sparkle. While beautiful in full, we also love that it could be shortened to Emmy.


Influencer Zoe Sugg welcomed a daughter named Novie in December, a sister to Ottilie. A variation of Nova, meaning "new", it was the perfect choice for their Christmastime baby, although we can get behind this choice any time of the year.


With Ruby at Jade at saturation point, parents are turning to other gemstone names that were popular a century ago and now feel sparkly again. We love Opal's perky, minimalist sound, and the stone itself with its rainbow reflections. Other precious stones coming back for a revival include Amethyst, Emerald, and Sapphire.


At Number 18, Owen is more popular than ever, but surname-style Owens was only given to 11 baby boys at last count. It's a strong alternative that fits in among the roster of boys called Brooks, Hayes, and Banks. Plus, Owens calls to mind legendary track and field Olympian Jesse Owens.


An epithet of Athena, Pallas was overlooked in the initial mythological name craze, but now is getting the attention it deserves. Pallas is the goddess of wisdom and the arts, making it an especially intriguing choice for creative parents. Soundalike Palace gives it a regal word name spin.


The earth mother of the gods, Rhea is a stunning Greek mythology name that has been rising quickly up the charts, poised to soon enter the Top 500. Pronounced either "REE-a", or "RAY-a", Rhea feels like a natural successor to Thea or Freya.


We can't get enough of the "oo" sound, from Luna to Oona to Boone, and Rooney is the latest choice to catch our eye. While it works for any gender, actress Rooney Mara is influencing parents to choose her name for their daughters — in 2022, Rooney was almost 80% female in use.


Starry Stella is a Generation Alpha classic, but its false friend Stellan — which is actually an unrelated Swedish name possibly meaning "calm" — remains relatively unknown in the US. It's a secret gem of a name — easy to spell and pronounce yet uncommon — and it seems like only a matter of time before American parents catch on to Stellan's charms.


Sylvie is a long-time favorite of the name community, and rising fast in real life. But let's not forget her more classic, serious cousin. Sylvia is remarkably steady in popularity, hovering in the 400s and 500s for the last thirty years. This makes it a timeless choice that won't feel dated or trendy. (And she can be Sylvie for short!)


In the upcoming movie Challengers, Zendaya stars as a former tennis player named Tashi. Her name is a unique unisex choice from Tibet and Bhutan, where it is a word meaning "good fortune". This mainstream exposure may be all this traveling lite name needs to become a hit.


If you love Theo but are put off by the popularity of Theodore (now a Top 10 name in the US and Top 15 in the UK!), Theoden — pronounced "THAY-oh-dun" — is a dashing alternative. The name of the King of Rohan in J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series may especially appeal to lovers of fantasy fiction.


This trending Hindi name has the perfect sound and look for the moment. Names with a strong V sound are stylish right now — Oliver, Levi, Valentino — and Veer's streamlined profile is visually striking. Plus, Veer's meaning, "brave", is unbeatable. Veer just missed the cutoff for the Top 1000 in 2022, so look for it on the charts when the new data is released this spring.


Move over Stella, Luna, and Nova — if you love space names that are out of this world, Vega should land on your list. Relating to one of the largest and brightest stars in the sky, Vega is a radiant unisex name that ranks Number 15 for girls in Spain, but remains shockingly rare in the US.


For boys, Winslow is a soft vintage revival and a gateway to the on-trend nickname Win. As a girl name, Winslow's boyish charm is balanced by the cute and feminine nickname Winnie. Either way, Winslow is a winner.


We all know Luna, but how about Yuna? This striking multicultural girl name has origins in Japanese, Breton, Korean, and more. Just barely outside the US Top 1000, Yuna is one to watch — especially with the rise to fame of a young K-pop star of this name.


Zimri has a modern feel with its bright sound and I ending, but it's actually one of the most eligible biblical boy names. Meaning "my music" or "my praise", Zimri would be a resonant choice for musical parents.


Zora, Zola, or Zoya? It was difficult for us to choose between these three rising stars, but Zora won out by the slightest margin. It's a zippy alternative to names like Nora and Cora, but what really takes Zora over the edge is its literary namesake Zora Neale Hurston.

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