The Baby Names That Should Be on Everyone's List

The Baby Names That Should Be on Everyone's List

The names that should be on everyone's list for 2023 are the most stylish up-and-coming choices for the year ahead.

We've identified 50 names — sourced from our Nameberry popularity charts, celebrity birth announcements, movies and television shows, and of course, our own intuition — that feel just right for 2023 babies.

Names that should be on everyone's list include trending nature names like Clover and Wolf, vintage revivals such as Maude and Winston, and unisex favorites including Ezri and Kit.

These names fit baby name trends 2023 — look out for Traveling Lite and Neo-Cowboy names! — and will be cool names for years to come.

Whether or not you're expecting a baby this year, these are the names that should be on your list for 2023:

Baby Names That Should Be on Everyone's List


Mythological names are a hot trend, and if you're looking for something beyond Athena and Apollo, Artemis is a great option for either gender. Traditionally the Greek moon goddess, it's also getting use for boys — helped by the male protagonist of the Artemis Fowl books. Jack Osbourne chose it for his daughter's middle name last year, putting it on more parents' lists.


Parents are prioritizing nonbinary names more than ever before, and Ash may be the ultimate example. The Ashley hype has died down just enough for this name to feel cool and nature-y for boys and girls again. Plus this generation of parents grew up with Pokemon, adding extra appeal.


This trending Hindi name has the perfect sound and look for the moment. Girl names with a strong V sound are stylish right now — Nova, Everly, and Octavia — and the -ni ending can be found in such trending choices as Leilani, Journi, and Armani. Plus, Avani's meaning, "the good earth", is unbeatable. Avani just missed the cutoff for the Top 1000 in 2021, so look for it on the charts when the new data is released this spring.


Azael is sleeker and less demonic than Azrael and Azriel but with the same Az- sound that has really popped lately. It broke the Top 1000 in 2021 for the first time ever and should continue to climb for years to come. Feminine variations Azaela and Azaella, along with the original form of the name, Hazael, have been spotted on the charts as well.


Excuse the pun, but 2023 is going to be a banner year for the name Banner. This optimistic occupational name fits the trend of surnames that start with B — think Baker, Booker, and Bridger — but hasn't been tipped off (till now). Jesse Eisenberg has a son named Banner, and Willow Palin used it as a middle name for her son Pace.


Step aside, Sullivan: there's a new Irish last name in town. With its strong cowboy style, and the option of laid-back Cal as a nickname, we can see why more parents are putting Callahan on their list. It's more popular for boys, but is also rising for girls, and is a cool way to get to Callie.


When Michael Bublé chose Cielo — the Spanish word for "sky" — for his daughter, we expected it to make a massive leap on our Nameberry charts. What we didn't anticipate is that the biggest boost in pageviews would be for boys. Although Cielo is traditionally feminine in Latin America, an increasing number of baby boys are given the name each year.


It seems like cool parents everywhere are choosing sweet and sparky Clover for their little girls. This fresh flower name feels cute, strong, and not too lacy. Clover is one of the most appealing names that mean lucky right now, due to its connection to four-leaf clovers. Meghan McCain recently doubled up on good luck charms when she named her daughter Clover Jade.


Is Cy the new Kai? This syllable is one of the hottest sounds of the moment, with names like Silas and Cyrus on the rise, but Cy on its own hones it down to what really matters. Since Jennifer Lawrence named her son Cy last year, we predict we'll soon be seeing more of this cool mini-name.


Elio was first introduced to American audiences in 2017 when a then-unknown Timothée Chalamet played Elio in the film Call Me By Your Name. But it's a different movie — Pixar's Elio — that will catapult the name to Enzo- and Arlo-level success. Elio is already a widespread favorite in Europe, ranking in the Top 200 in France, Italy, and Switzerland.


Name lovers have been raving about Elowyn for what feels like forever, but it's only started to see significant use in the last couple of years. We predict this is the year it really breaks the charts. Inspired by the Cornish word for elm tree, Elowyn is a great melodic alternative to popular Eloise.


This Ancient Greek name is a great option if you love the sounds of Oliver and Alexander, but want something less ubiquitous. A lot of parents are considering Evander — it's one of the most viewed boy names on Nameberry — but only a relative few are actually using it, for now. Plus, Van is a really cool nickname.


"Air" is a cool, gender-neutral, celebrity-endorsed sound that could be about to pop — see Kylie Jenner's son Aire, and Nick Cannon's son Zillion Heir. This spelling puts a literary spin on it.


Parents in despair over Ezra's popularity can now add Ezri to their list of alternatives. It's an ancient name with a modern sound, common for both sexes in Israel (and increasingly, in the US as well). As Traveling Lite names a la Esti heat up, we expect to see a lot more of Ezri in the near future.


If it feels like every other girl on your block has the first or middle name Mae or May or Mei, well, you're not alone. While we haven't reached peak Mae yet, trend-conscious parents are turning to Faye, Fay, and Fae as more distinctive substitutes. Faye is the most common of the bunch, but all variations have an ethereal meaning: "fairy".


Tailored surnames for girls have never been cooler (hello, Sloane!) and Greer is next up for glory. Greer's sleek and sophisticated single syllable will appeal to parents who may have previously chosen names like Reese, Blair, or Tate for their daughters but want something rarer. Actress Greer Garson gives it a dose of Old Hollywood glamour.


Nick Cannon's baby names are known to be controversial — we contend he's just ahead of his time — but his latest child has a broadly appealing name. Halo, currently ranked in the Top 800, is a rising option among modern Christian names as well as video game names for girls.


Harold and the Purple Crayon is a classic children’s book turned 2023 summer blockbuster that may finally get parents to embrace this name once again. It's the full name of filmmakers Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach's son Hal — one of the fun retro nicknames (along with Harry) that come with Harold.


This romantic name was virtually unknown in the US until recently, when it was used in the Netflix series From Scratch. This could be the perfect moment for Idalia — it contains the fashionable vintage name Ida and counts as a mythological name, as an epithet of Aphrodite.


Double-punch nicknames have been trending since Gigi Hadid's rise to stardom, and Kiki is the it-girl for 2023. It's one of the many stylish kindercore names, associated with Hayao Miyazaki's Kiki's Delivery Service. We also expect to see more babies named Keke, as in Keke Palmer.


A longtime favorite in the UK, Kit is finally getting the attention it deserves on our side of the pond. Kit has always been evenly balanced in girl-boy distribution and is currently rising quicking for both sexes. Whether you use Kit on its own or as a nickname for something more traditional — like Katherine or Christopher — Kit is a winning choice.


As Hawaiian names continue to rise on the mainland, Koa is following in Kai's footsteps. Both names are historically masculine, but just as we've seen Kai embraced for baby girls, Koa is starting to appear on the female charts. It's likely to see a further boost this spring when the movie 65 — featuring a young girl character named Koa — premieres in theaters.


Scandinavian names are having a big moment here in the States, with Nordic favorites like Freya, Axel, and Odin all within the Top 500. Parents hoping for something more unusual are turning to Leif. It's a widely familiar choice thanks to explorer Leif Erikson and in the typical American pronunciation, a homophone of the nature name Leaf.


Two of our baby name trends 2023 — Traveling Lite names and Grandpa Names for Girls — are captured in one name with Leni. Supermodel Heidi Klum used it as a nickname for her daughter Helene back in 2004, about two decades ahead of the curve. More recently, Leni was used by influencer Hannah Lily Williams and UK fitness influencer Joe Wicks, proving Leni will dominate on both sides of the pond.


Traditional roots, ends in S, and a host of great namesakes? Linus has it all! It's no wonder parents are turning to this attractive ancient name in record numbers. You may first think of the blanket-toting Peanuts character, but other namesakes include the mythological inventor of rhythm and melody, an early pope, and a Nobel Prize-winning scientist.


The perfect sweet-spot name, never overly popular or totally out of style. Lionel has always been a niche alternative to the Leo names, but last year it suddenly became an international star thanks to Argentinian World Cup soccer champion Lionel Messi.


Simple, bold, and full of heart, Love is a hot celebrity baby name poised to soar for both sexes. In 2022, Diddy welcomed a daughter named Love Sean, Nick Cannon had a son named Legendary Love, and Chris Brown had a baby girl named Lovely Symphani — who may go by Love as a nickname.


Marigold has been on our watchlist for years now, but 2023 is when it's going to really pop. It's a bright and fresh floral name ripe with symbolism in cultures from Mexico to India. Fashionable nicknames Margo and Goldie make Marigold an even sweeter option.


Namenerds have had their eyes on Maude for ages, wondering when it would finally take off, a la names like Ida and Mabel. The answer lies in one major catalyst, Maude Apatow, who's risen to mainstream success in Euphoria. Apatow has reintroduced her name to prospective parents, who are ready to embrace the quirky vintage Maude (and alternate spelling Maud).


For those parents who can't decide between a feminine vintage name or one with tomboy charm, Maxine presents the best of both worlds. Maxine was a favorite in the 1920s and is starting to rise again as a first and middle name — the latter exhibited by Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's newborn daughter Esti. Spunky, boyish nickname Max has been seen in two recent hit TV shows: Stranger Things and A League of Their Own.


This occupational surname was flying under the radar until recently — surprisingly so, given how common it is as a last name, and a few celebrity uses including Stella McCartney’s son. Now it looks like the secret is starting to slip. Miller is a great fresh alternative to names like Parker and Mason. For girls, it also gives the option of Millie a nickname.


This French rarity, which you may know from Swan Lake or actress Odette Annable, suddenly seems to be on a lot of people's minds. Think of it as an offbeat alternative to Olive, Charlotte and Colette.


A much-loved palindrome, Otto has been among the most viewed names on Nameberry for years, but is only just starting to catch up in real life popularity. It still feels fresh and quirky, cute yet strong. The recent Tom Hanks film A Man Called Otto has no doubt put it on a few more parents' radar.


We feel like we're suddenly hearing Ozzy everywhere! The Ozzie spelling was chosen by two celebrity couples at the end of 2022, and it's also a natural shortening for a whole range of fashionable boy names, from Oscar to August to Ozias. And we predict that Ozzie will also be among the coolest new grandpa names for baby girls.


Parents who love sweet old-school nicknames like Elsie and Sadie are starting to look further afield for fresh inspiration. Penny is a midcentury favorite that is gaining steam again as an ahead-of-the-curve alternative — with bonus "lucky penny" connotations!


At its historic peak in the Roaring Twenties, Petra is on track for a revival right around... now. It was already quietly trending in 2015, when Jane the Virgin gave it a big boost, and now it has featured in one of the most acclaimed movies of 2022: Tár. Its strong sound and international appeal feel perfect for 2023.


S is one of the coolest name endings for boys right now, with smart S-ending surnames like Brooks, Banks, Wells and Rhodes rising up the charts. Reyes is an intriguing Spanish option with an on-trend royal meaning and a big new platform in the hugely popular Call of Duty video game franchise.


British adventurers Anna McNuff and Jamie McDonald recently welcomed twins with suitably adventurous names: daughter Jupiter and son Rocky. Jupiter was already on our watchlist after Ed Sheeran chose it last year, but Rocky is also on a gentle upward trend for boys, and has just started to chart for girls too.


Downton Abbey put Sybil back on the map as a fresh vintage baby name possibility, but it could be fun boyish nickname Billie that really propels it to stardom! Sybil is also an underused literary and mythological name, belonging to divine prophetesses in Greek and Roman legend.


Already a huge hit across the pond in Britain, Teddy is the ultimate cuddly grandad turned cute and quirky baby name. We're already hearing it as a nickname for Theodore, Edward or even Arthur (due to its meaning, "bear") but we expect to see more American parents skipping the formal name and putting Teddy straight on the birth certificate – for baby girls as well as boys.


As vowel-rich Latinate choices like Leo and Luca start to feel less fresh, there's something appealingly solid about the tailored Nordic style. Scandi-chic Soren has ranked at or near the top of Nameberry's tally of popular boy names for over a year now, but Torben is a lesser-known alternative that feels equally appealing in 2023.


Modern virtue names like Honor, Legacy and True are really taking off — but some parents worry they place too much pressure on the child. Enter Truett! It's a best-of-both-worlds choice which combines a smart, preppy full name with a cool virtuous nickname. Plus, that -ett ending is equally fashionable for both sexes right now.


This sparky international choice puts the vibrant V sound from names like Ava, Eva and Violet in pole position. The association with English author and horticulturalist Vita (born Victoria) Sackville-West gives it a Roaring Twenties flair, but Vita is also enjoying contemporary popularity in several Eastern European countries. In Latin and Italian, it means "life".


Everly has absolutely rocketed up the charts in recent years, after it was chosen by high-profile couple Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan in 2013. Parents who love its strong sound and bouncy rhythm, but not its popularity, might appreciate this unusual alternative. Cute nickname Wavy also taps into one of the hottest baby name trends of the moment: adjective names.


The name on everybody's lips these past few months — boosted, of course, by the inimitable Wednesday Addams. Day names like Sunday and Tuesday feel quirky and playful, but Wednesday brings a darker edge that will appeal to fans of the popular dark academia aesthetic.


Hipster cowboy names are riding high right now — particularly those starting with W, like Wesley, Wyatt, Waylon and Wilder. Wiley is an easygoing member of the same group that remains surprisingly underused, even taking into account variant spellings like Wylie and Wyley. None made the Top 100 boy names in 2021.


Winston is one of those names that manages to unite a whole host of criteria in one effortlessly cool package. It's a traditional name with an illustrious history — most notably borne by Britain's wartime prime minister Winston Churchill — that feels as quirky as it does stately. Plus, it shortens to the winning nickname Win.


Now that Kylie and Travis have officially announced their son’s new name, Wolf is quickly shedding its Kardashian associations and is back to being one of the coolest, and rarest, of the wild animal names. Spell it Wolfe or Woolf — as in pioneering writer Virginia — for a fresh surnamey spin.


How much fun is Zebedee?! An ancient Biblical name that’s impossible to say without a smile on your face, Zebedee shares its lively rhythm and -ee ending sound with punchy, upbeat choices like Bellamy and Rafferty. Cool short form Zeb is another bonus.


This kind of super-quirky nickname would have been almost unthinkable as a full name a decade ago, but Ziggy is now on the rise along with a host of other playful nicknames. Ziggy gets a shot of extra cool from that sharp Z initial, as well as the connection to David Bowie’s iconic alter ego Ziggy Stardust, who celebrated his 50th anniversary last year.

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