Hipster Cowboy Names

By Pamela Redmond Satran

Total props to Auggy for creating the list of Hipster Cowboy Names that inspired this post.  I love the whole idea, which seems completely right for our times.  Yes, there are cowboys – babies whose car seats are buckled into the backs of pickups for a day of roaming the range.  And then there are the hipster babies more accustomed to riding the L train, the little dudes who may wear jeans and boots but who’ve never seen a real live cow.

The Hipster Cowboys are a blend of the two types; urban cowboys, if you will.  These names combine the image of rugged masculinity with a more modern definition of gender and of cool. Some names we might expect to hear on young hipster cowboys today:

Home on the range

Yep, I’m from the slope.  Park Slope.

Bookish cowboys

As comfortable on a saddle as on an Ivy League campus.

Badass cowboys

Are you lookin’ at me?

Funky cowboys

For the dude who’s decidedly NOT the shy and quiet type.


What are some other boys’ names you think would qualify for the  Hipster Cowboy lists?

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