Vintage Boys’ Names: How To Find A Cool Old Name

Do you love vintage names but want to move beyond the usual classics and Biblical choices?  We looked at the popularity lists of 1910 to uncover hundreds of vintage boys’ names that are no longer in use — but could be revived.

It’s odd that there seem to be more terminally-antiquated boys’ names from 1910 than girls’ names.  After all, girls’ names change more quickly and dramatically than do boys’, which tend to hinge more on tradition and less on fashion.

Yet beyond the Johns and Williams that have always predominated for boys (and still do today), there are dozens, even  hundreds of names that filled the Top 1000 list a hundred years ago and now are lost to time.

They include hero names, surname-names, nickname-names, androgynous names, and even regular old first names that few people seem to use any more.

Sure, some parents who love vintage names might revive Chester or Homer or Julius or Oswald.  But many of these popular names for boys in 1910 are rarely heard today

When we looked at the lost names of 1880, one major focus was on nickname-names that had faded away.  Without repeating any of the names on the 1880 list, choices in use in 1910 and not often heard today include the following.  (And yes, we realize that Ike has a lot of hipster cachet, but it’s usually short for Isaac and not given on its own as it was in 1910).

Surname names were also highly fashionable in 1910.  Names of heroes of the day that were in widespread use include:

Other surname names frequently heard a hundred years ago, but not so much today, are:

Hundreds of boys in 1910 were given names that would now be considered for girls only.  Used for boys back then but now lost from the male side of the ledger are:

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