What’s in a VSCO Girl Name?

What’s in a VSCO Girl Name?

VSCO girls dominated pop culture in 2019. They popularized natural beauty products, told us all to save the turtles, and somehow even propelled Crocs back into fashion.

But unless you know Gen Z girls, you might not completely understand the concept of a VSCO girl. In fact, in Google’s report of their top searches on 2019, “What is a VSCO girl?” was one of the most common questions posed in the US.

VSCO girls are tweens and teens, roughly ages 11-17, all born in the first decade of the new millennium. The subculture is associated with relaxed style (think oversized T-shirts, messy buns, and Puka shell necklaces). It’s named after VSCO, the social media photo sharing app, but was popularized on TikTok. (Still confused? This parody video will show you what we’re talking about).

Our question was not “what is a VSCO girl?” but rather, “what is a VSCO girl name?” We wanted to know what names define the VSCO girl generation, and now, after looking at the data, we can tell you.

So grab your Hydro Flask and scrunchies (and don’t forget your metal straw!) and lets dive in to what makes a VSCO girl name.

Most Popular VSCO Girl Names

We calculated the 10 most common names among VSCO girls by aggregating the top names from 2002-2008. Statistically, a VSCO girl is most likely to have one of these names:

  1. Emily

  2. Emma

  3. Madison

  4. Isabella

  5. Olivia

  6. Abigail

  7. Hannah

  8. Elizabeth

  9. Samantha

  10. Ashley

Uniquely VSCO Girl Names

The most popular VSCO girl names don’t give us a full picture. After all, many of these names are still super common—three are in the current Top 5! To get a better idea of the VSCO girl aesthetic, we need to look at the names that were more common during their birth years than any others. The following names peaked in the years VSCO girls were born:

  1. Abagail/Abigail/Abigale

  2. Addison/Adison/Adyson

  3. Adriana

  4. Alana

  5. Alexia

  6. Amya

  7. Angelina

  8. Anika/Annika

  9. Anya

  10. Ashlyn

  11. Ashtyn

  12. Brooke

  13. Cadence/Kadence

  14. Campbell

  15. Carolina

  16. Celeste

  17. Ciara

  18. Dakota

  19. Danica/Danika

  20. Daniela

  21. Emely/Emilee/Emmalee

  22. Evelin

  23. Faith

  24. Giselle

  25. Graice

  26. Hailee/Hailie/Haylie

  27. Hana

  28. Heaven

  29. Iliana

  30. Isabel/Isabelle

  31. Isabela

  32. Jade

  33. Jailyn/Jaylin/Jaylyn/Jaylynn

  34. Janessa

  35. Jasmin/Jazmin

  36. Jayla

  37. Jocelyn/Joselyn

  38. Kaelyn

  39. Kailey/Kaylie

  40. Kaiya/Kaya/Kya

  41. Karlee

  42. Kyla

  43. Laci

  44. Laney

  45. Liberty

  46. Macy

  47. Madison/Madyson

  48. Makena/McKenna

  49. Marianna

  50. Miya

  51. Nadia

  52. Natalee

  53. Natalia

  54. Paige

  55. Paris

  56. Rebeca

  57. Rubi

  58. Shaylee

  59. Sherlyn

  60. Zoie

VSCO Girl Name Trends

The Aylies and Aylins

The VSCO girl cohort experienced the height of the -aylee and -aylin trend. Kaylie and Haylie, Kaelyn and Jaylin (plus many of their variations) peaked during this era.

Strong Ks

K is the consonant of choice for a VSCO girl name. It’s often a first initial—Karlee, Kyla, Kadence, and Kaya and company are likely VSCO girls. Ks are also featured strongly in the middles of VSCO girl names, such as Annika, Brooke, Danika, and McKenna.

Eastern European Names

Many European names with Slavic, Russian, or other Eastern European origins were at the height of their fashion in the aughts. Angelina, Anika and Annika, Anya, Danica and Danika, Daniela, Nadia, and Natalia are among the choices most common among the VSCO girl generation.


On the flip side, Americana names are also statistically more popular among VSCO girls. These include state names such as Carolina and Dakota, as well as American ideals such as Faith and Liberty.

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