Girls’ Names 2012: Nameberry’s Top 100

October 9, 2012 Pamela Redmond

Around this time every year, we peek behind the Nameberry curtain to see which names are the most popular with our visitors.  This Top 100 for each gender, which reflects views of the name pages on our site, indicates which names have captured the most interest since the start of the year.

The girls’ list is evidence of both pop culture events along with future baby name trends.  Some analysis:

The Hunger Games is the obvious inspiration for Katniss at Number 1.  We don’t ever expect to see Katniss — or Primrose or Rue — in the U.S. Top 100 for real live baby girls.  But the appeal of the heroine inspires a great amount of curiosity about her unusual name.

Celebrities and their babies attract a lot of page views, which sometimes translate into baby name trends.  Names high on the Nameberry list thanks to celebrities and starbabies include Harper, Seraphine, Penelope, Violet, Isla, and Scarlett.  And these are all names that will continue to rise in the national name statistics as well, we predict.

The berries are ahead of their time.  While there are some crossovers between the Nameberry and the U.S. Top 100, there are more notable differences.  Most important: Classic, stylish names little used in the country at large are popular among our visitors: Imogen, Maeve, Aurelia, Elodie, Pearl.

Here, the Nameberry Girls’ Top 100 for 2012 so far:

  1. Katniss
  2. Charlotte
  3. Harper
  4. Seraphina
  5. Imogen
  6. Penelope
  7. Amelia
  8. Violet
  9. Isla
  10. Eleanor
  11. Adelaide
  12. Alice
  13. Quinn
  14. Cora
  15. Eliza
  16. Evelyn
  17. Aurora
  18. Claire
  19. Sophia
  20. Lila
  21. Maeve
  22. Scarlett
  23. Nora
  24. Hazel
  25. Grace
  26. Ivy
  27. Ava
  28. Olivia
  29. Elizabeth
  30. Stella
  31. Lucy
  32. Clara
  33. Ruby
  34. Ella
  35. Wren
  36. Matilda
  37. Beatrice
  38. Poppy
  39. Clementine
  40. Avery
  41. Emma
  42. Isabella
  43. Willa
  44. Chloe
  45. Aurelia
  46. Audrey
  47. Evangeline
  48. Iris
  49. Lily
  50. Mila
  51. Josephine
  52. Maisie
  53. Rose
  54. Arabella
  55. Adeline
  56. Aria
  57. Elodie
  58. Mae
  59. Genevieve
  60. Lydia
  61. Merida
  62. Eloise
  63. Caroline
  64. Jane
  65. Juliet
  66. Phoebe
  67. Gemma
  68. Margaret
  69. Harlow
  70. Emmeline
  71. Zoe
  72. Emily
  73. Delilah
  74. Esme
  75. Cordelia
  76. Georgia
  77. Olive
  78. Sadie
  79. Piper
  80. Madeline
  81. Mia
  82. Hannah
  83. Anna
  84. Emery
  85. Willow
  86. Hadley
  87. Cecilia
  88. Zara
  89. Luna
  90. Maya
  91. Pearl
  92. Kate
  93. Mabel
  94. Lola
  95. Isadora
  96. Ellie
  97. Eden
  98. Amelie
  99. Eva
  100. Beatrix

Look for the boys’ list tomorrow.

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