Yes, Millennial Mom Names Can Work for Alpha Era Girls!


by Sophie Kihm

Millennials, those born in the eighties through mid-nineties, are the generation having babies in 2019. These children are a part of the emerging Generation Alpha, defined as anyone born from 2010-2025. Gen Alphas come into the world with iPads in hand and social media handles pre-claimed—a vastly different experience from their parents’.

Baby name trends have also changed through the generations. Gen X stalwarts like Jennifer and Amy, which remained popular for Millennials, are rare choices for a Gen Alpha baby. Names like Sophia and Olivia were up-and-comers during the Millennial generation. They rapidly increased in use during Gen Z and are now enjoying their status as some of the defining names of Gen Alpha.

We’ve taken the top 100 Millennial girl names and reinvented them as Gen Alpha names. These names are fresher than their Millennial counterparts, and act as markers of the generation.


Millennial Name Gen Alpha Name Jessica Jessamine Ashley Audrey Amanda Amara Sarah Sadie Jennifer Genevieve Emily Emery Samantha Seraphina Elizabeth Eliza Stephanie Cecilia Lauren Luna Nicole Chloe Brittany Brielle Megan Margot Rachel Lydia Hannah Harper Kayla Layla Melissa Mila Amber Violet Danielle Delilah Taylor Skylar Rebecca Bexley Heather Willow Alexis Avery Michelle Annabelle Katherine Madeline Tiffany Everly Kimberly Kinsley Victoria Evelyn Alyssa Eloise Christina Clara Courtney Kennedy Madison Addison Laura Nora Jasmine Amina Sara Zara Amy Ivy Mary Maeve Anna Ella Erin Riley Crystal Pearl Brianna Briar Andrea Athena Abigail Mabel Alexandra Aurora Olivia Nova Allison Alice Morgan Peyton Emma Ava Kelly Kylie Maria Maya Natalie Rosalie Angela Arabella Erica Eliana Vanessa Valentina Chelsea Brooklyn Kristen Bristol Julia Juliette Kelsey Paisley Lindsey Finley Katie Kaylee Jamie Charlie Haley Hadley Kaitlyn Kehlani Kathryn Madelyn Shannon London Brooke Brynn Alicia Aria Grace Mercy Jacqueline Evangeline Jenna Gemma Sydney Adelaide Lisa Isla Cassandra Camila Jordan Logan Shelby Ruby Lindsay Saylor Caitlin Adeline Destiny Journey Katelyn Adalynn Catherine Madeleine Christine Scarlett Marissa Louisa Monica Monroe Savannah Georgia Paige Reese Gabrielle Vivienne April June Kristin Tinley Leah Lola Diana Dahlia Whitney Delaney Julie Josie Brittney Brynlee Sophia Fiona Caroline Charlotte Erika Eva Sierra Skye Isabella Viviana Hailey Bailey Molly Millie

How would you transform your mom name for a baby born today?

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