Popular Names in Pennsylvania

Popular names in Pennsylvania are led by top baby names Emma and Noah. Emma and Noah are among the most popular baby names USA, each taking second place nationally, but Pennsylvania is the only state with this combination of top names.

All of Pennsylvania's Top 10 girl names rank in the national Top 10, but three of its top boy names rank lower nationally. These are Mason, Michael, and Owen. Pennsylvania is one of two states with Michael in its Top 5, along with Connecticut. It is also one of two states with Mason in the Top 5, in addition to West Virginia.

Other names that are more common than average in the Keystone State are Delaney, Noelle, and Milani for girls, and Bryce, Steven, and Nico for boys.

Nameberry's own calculation of the top Philadelphia baby names highlights unique names that don't make the Pennsylvania or the national Top 100 lists. For girls, these include Lyra, Shiloh, Amari, Eden, Genevieve, and Juliet. Unique favorites for boys in Philly are Atticus, Malachi, River, Amari, Arlo, Charlie, Harold, Milo, and Soren.

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