Combination of Louise and Anna or Hawaiian
"content, at ease"

Luana Origin and Meaning

The name Luana is a girl's name meaning "content, at ease".

In the slipstream of Luna, this everywhere-and-nowhere international name, with its attractive liquid sound, is popular in several European countries along with Hawaii.

# 833 in the US

Luana Rank in US Top 1000

Luana Popularity

Famous People Named Luana

  • Emma Luana Ninette SophieCountess of Orange,Nassau, b. 2005
  • Luana Elídia Afonso PiovaniBrazilian actress
  • Luana DeVolAmerican soprano
  • Luana Margo AndersAmerican actress
  • Luana WaltersAmerican actress
  • Luana PattenAmerican actress
  • Mary Luana Williamsdaughter of Jane Fonda

Luana in Pop Culture

  • Luanagym leader in the Pokemon anime