lee-ANN-droh; lee-AHN-droo (Portuguese)
Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian variation of Leander

Leandro Origin and Meaning

The name Leandro is a boy's name of Spanish, Italian, Latin origin meaning "lion-man".

Leandro is the Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish variant of the English name Leander. A blend of two Latin words (Leo "lion" and Andro "man"), Leandro is a name that suggests its bearer has strength and power. Despite this very masculine meaning, Leandro also has a long romantic history, beginning with the myth of Hero and Leander (Ero et Leandro in Latin) to being an important figure in the history of the beautiful Spanish city of Seville.

With names like Arlo, Lorenzo, and Pedro growing in popularity, we think there might be a place for Leandro!

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Leandro Popularity

Famous People Named Leandro

  • Leandro Mateus BarbosaBrazilian basketball player
  • Leandro Alem (1841–1896)an Argentine politician and founder of the Radical Civic Union
  • Leandro Marcolini Pedroso de Almeida (1982–)a Brazilian,Hungarian footballer
  • Leandro Augusto (1977–)a Brazilian footballer
  • Leandro Lessa Azevedo (1980–)a Brazilian footballer
  • Leandro Baccaro (1973–)an Argentine field hockey player
  • Leandro Barbosa (1982–)a Brazilian basketball player
  • Leandro Bassano (15571622), an Italian artist
  • Leandro Bottasso (1986–)an Argentine track and road cyclist
  • Leandro Campagna (1994–)an Italian footballer.
  • Leandro Chaparro (1991–)an Argentine footballer
  • Leandro Damião (1989), a Brazilian footballer
  • Leandro Gomes (1976–)an Azerbaijani footballer
  • Leandro Grimi (1985–)an Argentine footballer
  • Leandro Joaquim Ribeiro (1995–)Brazilian footballer
  • Leandro de Oliveira da Luz (1983–)Brazilian footballer
  • Leandro Ruiz Machado (1977–)a Brazilian water polo player
  • Leandro Moldes (1986–)a German/Swiss singer
  • Leandro Montagud (1989), a Spanish footballer
  • Leandro Fernández de Moratín (17601828), a Spanish dramatist
  • Leandro de Deus Santos (1977–)a Brazilian footballer
  • Leandro da Silva (disambiguation)multiple persons
  • José Leandro Ferreira (1959–)a Brazilian footballer
  • Leandro V. LocsinPhilippine National Artist for Architecture

Leandro in Pop Culture

  • SpanishItalian and Portuguese form of Leander.
  • Leandroa young gentleman of good estate in Fletcher and Massinger's comedy The Spanish Curate (1647 play)