ra-fa-EHL(Spanish) or RA-fa-ehl (German); RAF-ay-ehl or raf-EYE-ehl (English)
Spanish variation of Raphael
"God has healed"

Rafael Origin and Meaning

The name Rafael is a boy's name of Spanish origin meaning "God has healed".

Energetic, sunny, and slightly romantic, Rafael is a popular choice in Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Croatia. Used internationally, Rafael is a Spanish variation of Raphael, that lends itself easily to the nicknames Rafi, Rafa and Rafe.

Derived from a Biblical, Hebrew name, meaning "God has healed", Rafael is associated with both an archangel in The Old Testament and with the master Renaissance artist.

With its lighter, more concise appearance and Its hint of flair and fun, the Rafael spelling is perhaps most famously borne by tennis play, Rafael Nadal.

Popular but not too popular in multiple different countries around the world, Rafael sits in the Top 100 in Mexico, Switzerland, Chile, and Uruguay,.

In the UK, it climbed to #181 in 2022 (though Rafferty and Raphael still outrank it), while in the US, it has been the favored spelling since the 1920s.

Given to 1500 babies in the US each year, Rafael fits in with currently trending choices like Jaziel and Azriel, while still feeling perfectly familiar.

# 232 in the US

Rafael Rank in US Top 1000

# 394 on Nameberry

Rafael Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Rafael Popularity

Famous People Named Rafael

  • Rafael Nadal (Parera)Spanish tennis player
  • Rafael Vicente Correa (Delgado)President of Ecuador
  • Rafael Leónidas Trujillo (Molina)Dominican dictator
  • Rafael Edward "Ted" CruzU.S. Senator from Texas
  • Rafael YglesiasAmerican novelist and screenwriter
  • Rafael GarciaAmerican soccer player
  • Rafael Benítez (Maudes)Spanish footballer and manager
  • (José) Rafael Amaya (Núñez)Mexican actor, singer and model
  • Rafael Palmeiro (Corrales)Cuban,American baseball player
  • Rafael Márquez (Álvarez)Mexican footballer
  • Rafael HalperinIsraeli businessman, rabbi and pro wrestler
  • Rafael "Rafinha" Alcántara do NascimentoBrazilian footballer
  • Rafael Lange Severino aka CellbitBrazilian YouTuber
  • Rafael van der VaartDutch footballer
  • Rafael "Rafa" Guevara (b. 2003)son of Allegra Huston; grandson of director John Huston
  • Rafael Llamas (b. 2005)son of actors José Ángel Llamas and Mara Croatto
  • Rafael Schofield (b. 2006)son of actress Sally Rogers and Jonathan Schofield
  • Rafael Ritchie (b. 2011)son of director Guy Ritchie
  • Rafael Fernández de Córdova y de Potesta (b. 2013)great,grandson of Franz, Duke of Hohenburg and Princess Elisabeth of Luxembourg
  • Rafael Thomas (b. 2015)son of actor Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas Baldwin

Rafael in Pop Culture

  • Rafael Santocharacter on TV's "American Gothic"
  • Rafael Solanocharacter on TV's "Jane the Virgin"
  • Rafael Diazcharacter in "Star vs. the Forces of Evil"
  • Rafael BarbaADA on "Law and Oder: SVU"
  • San RafaelCalifornia, USA (pron. "ruh,FELL")
  • Also the German and Scandinavian form of Raphael