Scandinavian variation of Nicholas
"people of victory"

Nils Origin and Meaning

The name Nils is a boy's name of Norwegian origin meaning "people of victory".

Like Lars, Sven, Niels, and Nels, an unjustly neglected straightforward Scandinavian name. Surname Nilsson or the anglicized Nelson derives from Nils.

# 890 in the US

Nils Rank in US Top 1000

Nils Popularity

Famous People Named Nils

  • Nils AstherSwedish actor
  • Nils Allen Stewart Sr.American stuntman and actor
  • Nils Allen "BooBoo" StewartAmerican actor
  • Nils HaugenAmerican politician
  • Nils Patrik Johanssonheavy metal vocalist
  • Nils BergstromSwedish ice hockey player
  • NilsJoel Englund, Swedish cross,country skier
  • Nils EricsonSwedish inventor and engineer
  • Nils FrykdahlAmerican musician
  • Nils LiedholmSwedish footballer and coach
  • Nils LofgrenAmerican musician
  • Nils PetersenGerman footballer
  • Nils TryggSwedish woodcarver
  • Nils LuderowskiSwedish,American architect

Nils in Pop Culture

  • Nilsfictional bard in the Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken video game
  • Nils Holgerssonmain character of "The Wonderful Adventures of Nils," a novel by Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf
  • Nilscharacter in Double Fines video game, Psychonauts