Top Nameberry Names Around the World Now

Top Nameberry Names Around the World Now

Ever wondered what names are popular with Nameberry visitors in your country?

We recently revealed the popular names of 2021 so far. Ava and Arlo stole the top spots from Luna and Milo, and we saw bold Berry faves like Calliope and Caspian, Persephone and Phineas break into the NB Top 100.

The Nameberry popularity rankings are great for predicting which names might be about to take off – especially if you live in one of our top countries for visitor numbers, like the US, the UK or Australia. 

But Nameberry gets traffic from over 200 countries and territories around the world. So, which names are attracting the most attention from visitors as far afield as Israel and India, Sweden and South Africa? Read on to find out!

Top International Name Trends

We chose 25 of our top 50 countries by visitor numbers and drilled down into the data to identify their Top 5 most viewed girl and boy names of the past year. 

There are several common trends. Girl names are much more popular than boy names with visitors from almost every country on our list, with the exception of India.

Jayden is the most popular boy name with visitors from all three African nations on the list: Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa. And in countries with a large Muslim population, like Pakistan, UAE and Nigeria, Zara is among the top Muslim names for girls.

Cool micro-names Luna and Arlo are ones to watch across the English-speaking world and much of Europe, followed by fashionable Latin favorites Aurora and Atticus. And other ancient boy names, like Atlas, Rufus and Severus, look set to rise in Nordic nations like Finland and Sweden.

Boy names ending in O continue to be a big trend internationally, with Arlo, Hugo, Leo, Milo and Santiago featuring on multiple Top 5 lists, plus Eneko, Jiro, Lorenzo, Marco, Otto and Zuko on one list each.

Israel has the shortest taste in names by far, with an average length of just under four letters for its Top 5 for girls and boys. And Ghana’s names are the longest, with an average of six letters each – closely followed by India, Nigeria and Poland.

Country Specific Name Trends

But these Top 5 lists don’t just spotlight some key international trends – they also reflect something of the culture of each country on the list.

For example, Abena, Akosua and Kofi from Ghana’s list are Akan day names, traditionally given to babies born on a particular day of the week. Pedi and Swati from South Africa’s list are the names of local ethnic groups, while Zuko comes from the Xhosa language, spoken predominantly the south-eastern part of the country.

India’s top names showcase the ethic, linguistic and religious diversity of the country: from Hindi Aryan to Tamil Kavya to Arabic Sahil. Nigeria, home to the largest Muslim population in Africa, has three Arabic or Arabic-inspired girl names in its Top 5: Jasmine, Zara and Aisha. And the Philippines, the largest Christian-majority country in Asia, has a taste for vowel-rich Biblical boy names like Asher, Abiah and Azriel.

Surprising Favorite Names by Country

But there are also some surprises among the statistics!

For example, Ludo attracts a lot of love from our visitors in Pakistan. Why? Well, it seems that the board game has long been particularly popular there. According to this article, “Pakistan ranks the highest in the world for downloads of the game’s online version”.

Others might owe their surprising popularity to TV and film. Lucifer, the name of a charismatic fallen angel in the Netflix TV series of the same name, is the third most popular boy name with our Polish visitors. The series has already given Mazikeen a big boost in the US.

In Russia, where the series The Crown has proved very popular, our visitors are especially intrigued by Lilibet – the royal family’s pet name for the Queen.

And Enola, likely inspired by the release of the film Enola Holmes last year, is our most viewed girl name in Italy. The name has never been popular there, but it certainly has a very Italian sound. In fact, it was used for an Italian character in the 2015 gothic horror movie Crimson Peak.

Then there are the true mysteries. Why do double-N names like Lisann and Juliann get so much interest from China? Why is the Welsh name Emrys among the most viewed in France and Russia?

And why does Danger – new to the Nameberry Top 100 this year – attract so much attention from our South Asian visitors? India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal are all among the Top 5 countries to view this bold word name. If you know what we’re missing, let us know!

Top Nameberry Names by Country 2021

Here are the Top 5 most popular boy names and popular girl names of the year for half of Nameberry's top countries by visitor numbers.


Popular Girl Names in Australia

1. Luna

2. Isla

3. Aurora

4. Mia

5. Maeve

Popular Boy Names in Australia

1. Arlo

2. Hugo

3. Oscar

4. Leo

5. Theodore


Popular Girl Names in Brazil

1. Luna

2. Olivia

3. Lyra

4. Helena

5. Lavinia

Popular Boy Names in Brazil

1. Santiago

2. Ethan

3. Kai

4. Mateo

5. Rafael


Popular Girl Names in Canada

1. Luna

2. Maeve

3. Chloe

4. Ophelia

5. Ivy

Popular Boy Names in Canada

1. Arlo

2. Silas

3. Levi

4. Finn

5. Atticus


Popular Girl Names in China

1. Kailani

2. Lisann

3. Luna

4. Teagan

5. Juliann

Popular Boy Names in China

1. Jordi

2. Milo

3. Arlo

4. Ethan

5. Asher


Popular Girl Names in Finland

1. Aurora

2. Mila

3. Iida

4. Luna

5. Noa

Popular Boy Names in Finland

1. Atlas

2. Mason

3. Rufus

4. Severus

5. Ari


Popular Girl Names in France

1. Ava

2. Niamh

3. Esme

4. Penelope

5. Anouk

Popular Boy Names in France

1. Arlo

2. Ezra

3. Tobias

4. Emrys

5. Xavier


Popular Girl Names in Germany

1. Luna

2. Anna

3. Anastasia

4. Aurora

5. Josephine

Popular Boy Names in Germany

1. Hugo

2. Leo

3. Archie

4. Felix

5. Otto


Popular Girl Names in Ghana

1. Abena

2. Kayla

3. Akosua

4. Bridget

5. Adelaide

Popular Boy Names in Ghana

1. Jayden

2. Denzel

3. Kofi

4. Dominic

5. Samuel


Popular Girl Names India

1. Anjali

2. Reshma

3. Kavya

4. Kiara

5. Niharika

Popular Boy Names India

1. Aarav

2. Aryan

3. Danger

4. Sahil

5. Reyansh


Popular Girl Names in Ireland

1. Fiadh

2. Ada

3. Caoimhe

4. Eabha

5. Zoe

Popular Boy Names in Ireland

1. Tadhg

2. Cormac

3. Ronan

4. Eoin

5. Atticus


Popular Girl Names in Israel

1. Ellie

2. Maya

3. Mia

4. Ivy

5. Thea

Popular Boy Names in Israel

1. Eli

2. Ben

3. Arlo

4. Ethan

5. Tai


Popular Girl Names in Italy

1. Enola

2. Alice

3. Elena

4. Bianca

5. Giulia

Popular Boy Names in Italy

1. Soren

2. Elias

3. Cassius

4. Marco

5. Orion


Popular Girl Names in Japan

1. Luna

2. Aurora

3. Mia

4. Mina

5. Rio

Popular Boy Names in Japan

1. Kai

2. Lorenzo

3. Eneko

4. Ezra

5. Jiro

New Zealand

Popular Girl Names in New Zealand

1. Aurora

2. Luna

3. Ivy

4. Hazel

5. Mabel

Popular Boy Names in New Zealand

1. Arlo

2. Asher

3. Felix

4. Leo

5. Milo


Popular Girl Names in Nigeria

1. Jasmine

2. Olivia

3. Zara

4. Rebecca

5. Aisha

Popular Boy Names in Nigeria

1. Jayden

2. Denzel

3. Francis

4. Adriel

5. Bryan


Popular Girl Names in Pakistan

1. Alizeh

2. Esha

3. Zara

4. Alisha

5. Reyna

Popular Boy Names in Pakistan

1. Ludo

2. Danger

3. Qadir

4. Jhon

5. William


Popular Girl Names in the Philippines

1. Luna

2. Maeve

3. Astrid

4. Athena

5. Mae

Popular Boy Names in the Philippines

1. Azriel

2. Zachary

3. Abiah

4. Asher

5. Ethan


Popular Girl Names in Poland

1. Alice

2. Clara

3. Julia

4. Violet

5. Diana

Popular Boy Names in Poland

1. Charles

2. Dorian

3. Lucifer

4. Theodore

5. Adam


Popular Girl Names in Russia

1. Lilibet

2. Lilith

3. Polina

4. Anastasia

5. Elena

Popular Boy Names in Russia

1. Victor

2. Igor

3. Remus

4. Joey

5. Emrys

South Africa

Popular Girl Names in South Africa

1. Pedi

2. Luna

3. Swati

4. Amara

5. Keziah

Popular Boy Names in South Africa

1. Jayden

2. Kai

3. Leo

4. Micah

5. Zuko


Popular Girl Names in Spain

1. Aria

2. Ava

3. Luna

4. Maya

5. Olivia

Popular Boy Names in Spain

1. Santiago

2. Louis

3. Jack

4. Elias

5. Hugo


Popular Girl Names in Sweden

1. Anastasia

2. Cora

3. Julia

4. Celia

5. Nora

Popular Boy Names in Sweden

1. Finn

2. Silas

3. Caspian

4. Adrian

5. Atlas

United Arab Emirates

Popular Girl Names in the United Arab Emirates

1. Aria

2. Liya

3. Mariam

4. Noor

5. Zara

Popular Boy Names in the United Arab Emirates

1. Aryan

2. Silas

3. Jonah

4. Vihaan

5. Malakai

United Kingdom

Popular Girl Names in the United Kingdom

1. Luna

2. Ophelia

3. Elodie

4. Iris

5. Maeve

Popular Boy Names in the United Kingdom

1. Arlo

2. Oscar

3. Hugo

4. Albie

5. Atticus

United States

Popular Girl Names in the United States

1. Luna

2. Maeve

3. Aurora

4. Isla

5. Aurelia

Popular Boy Names in the United States

1. Silas

2. Atticus

3. Arlo

4. Theodore

5. Finn

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