Top Nameberry Names Around the World Now

Top Nameberry Names Around the World Now

Ever wondered which names are popular with Nameberry visitors in your country?

Namberry's own popular names charts are updated monthly and show the names attracting the most attention from our site visitors in (almost) real time. They’re great for predicting which names might be about to take off – especially if you live in one of our top countries for visitor numbers, like the US, the UK or Australia. 

But Nameberry gets traffic from over 200 countries and territories around the world. So, which names are attracting the most attention from visitors as far afield as Israel and India, Sweden and South Africa?

Read on to find out!

Top International Name Trends

We chose 25 of our top 50 countries by visitor numbers and drilled down into the data to identify their Top 5 most viewed girl and boy names of the past year. 

There are several common trends. Girl names are much more popular than boy names with visitors from almost every country on our list, with the exception of India and Pakistan.

Jayden features among the most popular boy names with visitors from two of the three African nations on the list – Nigeria and South Africa – and not far behind in Ghana.

Short, liquid girl names like Ayra, Aiza and Inaya are particularly popular with our visitors in South Asia and the Middle East, due to their cross-cultural appeal.

Cool compact names like Luna, Isla, Maeve, Arlo, Hugo and Finn are ones to watch across the English-speaking world and much of Europe, appearing on multiple lists each.

Also popular with our European and Anglophone visitors are long, lilting girl names containing lots of E, L and O sounds, like Aurelia, Aurora, Ophelia, Elodie and Eloise.

And boy names ending in O continue to be a huge trend internationally, with Arlo, Hugo, Leo, Milo, Nico and Theo featuring on multiple Top 5 lists, plus Caio, Eero, Mikko, Neo, Otto and Zuko on one list each.

Country Specific Name Trends

But these Top 5 lists don’t just spotlight some key international trends – they also reflect something of the culture of each country on the list.

For example, Adwoa from Ghana’s girl list is an Akan day name, traditionally given to baby girls born on a Monday. Richmond, from its boy list, is the name of several Ghanaian soccer stars.

In South Africa, popular girl name Swati is the name of a regional ethnic group. And Enzokuhle from its boy list is a Zulu and Xhosa name meaning “one who is expected to do great things”. Short form Enzo also ranks very highly in South Africa.

Minahil and Azlan from Pakistan’s list are both established names in the country, but have been given an extra shot of publicity in recent times thanks to popular Pakistani influencers Minahil Malik and Azlan Shah.

Finland’s top girl name Suvi means “summer” in the Finnish language, Lumi means “snow” and Helmi means “pearl”. On the boys’ side, Eero and Mikko are the Finnish forms of Eric and Michael, respectively, while Jari derives from the Old Norse name Hjálmarr, meaning “helmeted warrior”.

And in Ireland, four of the Top 5 girl names and two of the top boy names are of Irish origin: Fiadh, Sadhbh, Siofra, Eabha, Tadhg and Eoin. The country has seen a marked shift in recent years towards more Gaelic-language education and with it a rise in Irish names both traditional and modern.

Surprising Favorite Names by Country

But there are also some surprises among the statistics!

Upbeat mythical girl name Calypso is particularly beloved by our Brazilian visitors. Why? Apart from a national love for O-ending names, the Afro-Caribbean musical genre has enjoyed a long run of popularity in Brazil, from the early noughties group Banda Calypso to popular performer Pabllo Vittar.

Poland’s interest in long and weighty -us ending names like Amadeus and Lucius makes more sense in the context of the many popular Polish boy names ending in -eusz or -iusz, like Tymoteusz, Mateusz, Remigiusz, Arkadiusz and yes, Amadeusz, which currently ranks at #183 there.

Adelia seems like a bit of an outlier on Japan’s list – mostly made up of short, airy names that translate seamlessly between Japanese and other languages. But it’s the name of a classic Japanese glassware company whose products are enjoying a style revival right now.

And Nigeria’s love for Makaveli – famously an alias of rapper Tupac Shakur – is most likely due to the the recent release of a song by the same name by Nigerian singer-songwriter T-Classic.

Others that likely owe their surprising popularity to pop culture include Zuko in Brazil, Mirabel in Nigeria, Aire in Ireland, and Mufasa in Pakistan – joining other leonine names Azlan and Laith in the Top 5 for boys.

Then there are the true mysteries.

Why is the Irish name Saoirse – meaning “freedom”, and popularized by actress Saoirse Ronan – getting so much interest from our Spanish visitors right now?

Why is Luxury our most-viewed girl name in India, Pakistan and the Philippines, and #2 in Ghana?

Why does cowboy-cool Royal get so much interest from China, Pakistan, the Philippines and South Africa – none of them famed for their cowboy culture?

If you know what we’re missing, let us know!

Top Nameberry Names by Country 2021

Here are the Top 5 most popular girl and boy names of the year for a selection of Nameberry's top countries by visitor numbers.


Popular Girl Names in Australia

1. Matilda

2. Luna

3. Elodie

4. Aurora

5. Maeve

Popular Boy Names in Australia

1. Theodore

2. Arlo

3. Finn

4. Hugo

5. Felix


Popular Girl Names in Brazil

1. Ophelia

2. Iris

3. Anastasia

4. Beatriz

5. Calypso

Popular Boy Names in Brazil

1. Caleb

2. Hugo

3. Zuko

4. Caio

5. Leo


Popular Girl Names in Canada

1. Aurelia

2. Maeve

3. Luna

4. Eloise

5. Isla

Popular Boy Names in Canada

1. Felix

2. Atticus

3. Soren

4. Arlo

5. Theodore


Popular Girl Names in China

1. Ivy

2. Maeve

3. Eleanor

4. Eloise

5. Luna

Popular Boy Names in China

1. Arlo

2. Royal

3. Atlas

4. Ezra

5. Soren


Popular Girl Names in Finland

1. Suvi

2. Milla

3. Lumi

4. Lyra

5. Helmi

Popular Boy Names in Finland

1. Caspian

2. Eero

3. Nathaniel

4. Jari

5. Mikko


Popular Girl Names in France

1. Aurora

2. Alma

3. Laura

4. Adelaide

5. Manon

Popular Boy Names in France

1. Hugo

2. Aziel

3. Jude

4. Raphael

5. Nico


Popular Girl Names in Germany

1. Luna

2. Aurelia

3. Maeve

4. Isla

5. Juno

Popular Boy Names in Germany

1. Felix

2. Theodore

3. Oscar

4. Hugo

5. Finn


Popular Girl Names in Ghana

1. Luna

2. Luxury

3. Adwoa

4. Eleanor

5. Priscilla

Popular Boy Names in Ghana

1. Jasper

2. Soren

3. Kylian

4. Frederick

5. Richmond


Popular Girl Names in India

1. Luxury

2. Ayra

3. Shivani

4. Reshma

5. Inaya

Popular Boy Names in India

1. Aarav

2. Atharv

3. Vihaan

4. Sahil

5. Vivaan


Popular Girl Names in Ireland

1. Fiadh

2. Sadhbh

3. Siofra

4. Eabha

5. Elodie

Popular Boy Names in Ireland

1. Aire

2. Tadhg

3. Eoin

4. Jack

5. Theo


Popular Girl Names in Israel

1. Noa

2. Daphne

3. Ivy

4. Naomi

5. Mika

Popular Boy Names in Israel

1. David

2. Aaron

3. Asher

4. Eli

5. Liam


Popular Girl Names in Italy

1. Chiara

2. Ophelia

3. Amelia

4. Emilia

5. Matilda

Popular Boy Names in Italy

1. Abel

2. Ethan

3. Raul

4. Soren

5. Theodore


Popular Girl Names in Japan

1. Elsie

2. Adelia

3. Alice

4. Luna

5. Sena

Popular Boy Names in Japan

1. Kai

2. Nico

3. Soren

4. Ari

5. Hugo

New Zealand

Popular Girl Names in New Zealand

1. Aurelia

2. Matilda

3. Violet

4. Sylvie

5. Hazel

Popular Boy Names in New Zealand

1. Felix

2. Atticus

3. Cassius

4. Jasper

5. Theodore


Popular Girl Names in Nigeria

1. Cynthia

2. Clara

3. Esther

4. Matilda

5. Mirabel

Popular Boy Names in Nigeria

1. Jayden

2. Ethan

3. Jasper

4. Asher

5. Makaveli


Popular Girl Names in Pakistan

1. Luxury

2. Ayra

3. Inaya

4. Aiza

5. Minahil

Popular Boy Names in Pakistan

1. Azlan

2. Mufasa

3. Royal

4. Keith

5. Laith


Popular Girl Names in the Philippines

1. Luxury

2. Luna

3. Maeve

4. Keziah

5. Amelia

Popular Boy Names in the Philippines

1. Royal

2. Theo

3. Ezra

4. Kai

5. Rhys


Popular Girl Names in Poland

1. Alicja

2. Maja

3. Luna

4. Lilith

5. Zuzanna

Popular Boy Names in Poland

1. Amadeus

2. Lucius

3. Jasper

4. Dominic

5. Maciej

South Africa

Popular Girl Names in South Africa

1. Luna

2. Ione

3. Isla

4. Aurora

5. Swati

Popular Boy Names in South Africa

1. Royal

2. Kai

3. Jayden

4. Enzokuhle

5. Reuben


Popular Girl Names in Spain

1. Saoirse

2. Ines

3. Mae

4. Genevieve

5. Alba

Popular Boy Names in Spain

1. Hugo

2. Neo

3. Leo

4. Monte

5. Raul


Popular Girl Names in Sweden

1. Ophelia

2. Aurora

3. Eira

4. Lyra

5. Elin

Popular Boy Names in Sweden

1. Hugo

2. Felix

3. Nico

4. William

5. Orion


Popular Girl Names in Turkey

1. Ada

2. Luna

3. Elsa

4. Sena

5. Alina

Popular Boy Names in Turkey

1. Leo

2. Kai

3. Eren

4. Kenan

5. Darius

United Arab Emirates

Popular Girl Names in the United Arab Emirates

1. Sofia

2. Aiza

3. Eva

4. Dua

5. Ayra

Popular Boy Names in the United Arab Emirates

1. Zayn

2. Adam

3. Abdullah

4. Laith

5. Hamza

United Kingdom

Popular Girl Names in the United Kingdom

1. Ottilie

2. Luna

3. Ophelia

4. Aurelia

5. Maeve

Popular Boy Names in the United Kingdom

1. Arlo

2. Hugo

3. Otto

4. Finn

5. Jude

United States

Popular Girl Names in the United States

1. Maeve

2. Isla

3. Aurelia

4. Eloise

5. Ophelia

Popular Boy Names in the United States

1. Silas

2. Soren

3. Theodore

4. Arlo

5. Atticus

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