"beautiful fragrance"

Mika Origin and Meaning

The name Mika is a girl's name of Hungarian, Japanese, Russian origin meaning "beautiful fragrance".

Mika is a Japanese girls' name that translates easily to English. As a male name, it's a short form of Mikael, the Scandinavian and Finnish form of Michael. Both are spelled and pronounced the same.

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Mika Popularity

Famous People Named Mika

  • Mika Emilie Leonia BrzezinskiAmerican television host and journalist
  • Mika Sue BooremAmerican actress
  • Mika AbdallaAmerican actress
  • Mika NakashimaJapanese pop singer
  • Mika DoiJapanese voice actress
  • Mika Taressa ToddJapanese,American singer
  • Michelle "Mika" UrbaniakPolish pop singer
  • Mika HandaJapanese singer of group Mika Bomb
  • Mika Newton (born Oksana Stefanivna Grytsay)Ukrainian singer
  • Mika TanAmerican adult model
  • Mika MiyazatoJapanese golfer
  • Mika FukuiJapanese lead singer of the Sadistic Mika Band

Mika in Pop Culture

  • Mika Samuelscharacter on TV's "The Walking Dead"
  • Mika Graingercharacter on British TV series "Waterloo Road"
  • Mika Ahonencharacter in anime/manga "Strike Witches"
  • Rainbow "R." Mikacharacter in the Street Fighter video game series
  • Mika Jougasakicharacter in THE iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS video game
  • Mika Kujiinone of the main characters in the Kanamemo anime/manga
  • Mika Nogizakacharacter in the light novel and anime Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu
  • Mika Shimotsukicharacter in anime Psycho,Pass
  • Mikazuki "Mika" Auguscharacter in Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans
  • Mika Returnacharacter in Under Night In,Birth
  • Variation of Miekea Dutch diminutive of Maria