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Soren Origin and Meaning

The name Soren is a boy's name of Danish origin meaning "stern".

This gentle Scandinavian name, soft and sensitive, is being discovered in a major way by parents in the US. It's most closely identified with the nineteenth century philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, but there have been modern fictional Sorens as well, in The Matrix Reloaded and the book series Guardians of Ga'Hoole, Charlie and Lola, and Underworld.

In Scandinavia this name would be spelled as Sören or Søren, leading to it being pronounced "Sur-en". But with a plain old English "O", "Sorr-en" would actually be the correct (and more English-speaker friendly) pronunciation.

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Famous People Named Soren

  • Soren Aabye KierkegaardDanish philosopher, theologian, poet, social critic, and religious author
  • Soren AndersenDanish former professional footballer
  • Soren "Snuffe" AkebySwedish football manager and the current manager of IFK Varnamo
  • Soren Pedersen AbildgaardDanish naturalist, writer and illustrator
  • Soren Anton Wilhelm SorenssenNorwegian jurist and politician
  • Soren Absalon LarsenDanish physicist
  • Soren Alfred JensenDanish gymnast
  • Soren Thomas Buskformer Danish football defender
  • Soren Berga Danish professional footballer
  • Soren Bertrama German football midfielder
  • Soren Brandya German footballer
  • Soren BrunakDanish physical and biological scientist
  • Soren Ejlersgard ChristensenDanish footballer
  • Soren ColdingDanish former professional football player
  • Soren ClaesonSwedish wrestler
  • Soren Christian GjessingNorwegian military officer and cartographer
  • Soren DresslerGerman former footballer
  • Soren Elung JensenDanish film actor
  • Soren EismannGerman footballer who plays for Hallescher FC
  • Soren Emil CarlsenDanish,American Impressionist painter
  • Soren EdsbergDanish,born Latter,day Saint painter
  • Soren FrederiksenDanish former association footballer
  • Soren Albert FultonAmerican actor
  • Soren Engell FriisDanish professional football midfielder
  • Soren Fredrik VoieNorwegian politician
  • Soren Gade JensenDanish politician
  • Soren GyldendalDanish bookstore owner who in 1770 founded what was to become Denmark's largest publishing house, Gyldendal
  • Soren GontherGerman footballer who currently plays for FC St. Pauli
  • Soren HussDanish singer, songwriter and musician
  • Soren HanckeDanish competitive sailor
  • Soren HjorthDanish railway pioneer and inventor
  • Soren Georg AbelNorwegian priest and politician
  • Soren HansenDanish professional golfer
  • Soren HalfarGerman footballer who currently plays for SV Sandhausen
  • Soren HoldgaardDanish professional football defender
  • Soren Henriksenformer Danish cricketer
  • Soren HyldgaardDanish film composer
  • Soren Hald Mollerformer Danish High Commissioner in Greenland
  • Soren Pedersen JaabaekNorwegian politician
  • Soren Kolbye JensenDanish professional football defender
  • Soren Jochumsenretired Danish professional footballer
  • Soren Johanssonretired Swedish ice hockey player
  • Soren Jorgensen AandahlNorwegian politician
  • Soren KraghJacobsen, Danish film director, musician, and song writer
  • Soren LarsenDanish professional football striker
  • Soren Yves LausbergGerman track cyclist
  • Soren LudolphGerman middle,distance runner
  • Soren Lyng ChristiansenDanish former professional football forward
  • Soren LindstedDanish former football player
  • Soren Dyrberg MallingDanish actor
  • Soren Madsenguitarist and former member of Danish band "Michael Learns to Rock"
  • Soren Regis Mounir(aka. Dorian Gray) a Swiss,American singer,songwriter, drummer, keyboardist, record producer and radio commentator
  • Soren MussmannDanish professional football defender
  • Soren Nystrom RastedDanish musician, producer and songwriter
  • Soren RieksDanish professional football midfielder
  • Soren Robert LundDanish architect
  • Soren Ryge PetersenDanish tv host, journalist and writer
  • Soren ReiffDanish guitar player, producer, composer and author
  • Soren SpanningDanish actor
  • Soren Larsen SorensenDanish gymnast
  • Soren SkovDanish former professional football player
  • Soren SeidelGerman football player
  • Soren Ulrik ThomsenDanish poet
  • Soren Ulrik Vestergaardformer Danish professional football player
  • Soren Arthur Gonzalez (b. 2009)son of singer Jaci Velazquez and Nic Gonzalez
  • Soren Erik Adler Frederiksen (b. 2011)son of singer Lars Frederiksen of Rancid
  • Soren Bouvier (b. 2013)daughter of singer Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan
  • Tobias SorensenDanish male model

Soren in Pop Culture

  • Soren Tarbica character in the Ziva Payvan series written by EJ Fisch
  • Sorenprotagonist of the "Guardians of Ga'hoole" series
  • Sorenvampire in the "Underworld" film series
  • Soren LorensenLola's imaginary friend in the "Charlie and Lola" book series
  • Sorancharacter in film "Star Trek Generations"
  • Also a Persian boys' name referring to the SurenPahlavi clan.
  • Sorenmage/sage in the "Fire Emblem" video game series
  • Sorencharacter in HerInteractive's "Sea of Darkness"
  • Sorencharacter in "The Prince and Me," a servant to Prince Edward
  • Søren Stearnscharacter in The Original Sinners Series by Tiffany Reisz
  • Soren the Architectcharacter in the game "Minecraft Story Mode"
  • SorenWerewolf, character in in book series 'The Gray Wolves' by Quinn Loftis
  • Soren Shieldbreakerfree,folk leader and famed warrior in George R.R. Martin's 'A Dance with Dragons" from his ASOIAF series
  • Sorencharacter in the "Ash Princess" by Laura Sebastian
  • Sorencharacter in the animated TV series "The Dragon Prince"

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