oh-TILL-ee-eh, OT-ill-ee
German, French
"prosperous in battle"

Ottilie Origin and Meaning

The name Ottilie is a girl's name of French origin meaning "prosperous in battle".

Ottilie is trending in the UK, where the pronounced T helps the name sound pretty and delicate, rather like Amelie and Elodie. Ottilie is less popular in the US, where many Americans pronounce it as a near-homonym for "oddly".

Sweet but stylish, Ottilie was once reserved for the British upper crust, to be spotted among The Telegraph name rankings, rather than in your average school class. However, it has been quickly climbing the charts since 2015, and in 2022, it debuted in the UK Top 100.

Rarely seen in the US since the 1880s, Ottilie does have a few cultural references: She is a key character in Goethe's Elective Affinities, Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a poem called To Ottilie, Franz Kafka had a sister named Ottilie, and it is the name of the protagonist in the John Wyndham sci-fi story Random Quest.

Probably the best-known Ottilie is the German journalist, abolitionist, and feminist Ottilie Assing, who had a long involvement with fellow abolitionist Frederic Douglass. Others include the Irish Jazz singer, Ottilie Patterson, and Ottilie Rue Sugg, daughter of British influencers, Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes.

Popular among Nameberry users, Ottilie is both vintage and playful, with the sweet nickname options of Lottie, Tillie, Otto, and Otter.

If the popularity of Ottilie puts you off, or it doesn't sound right in your accent, you could try a variant, such as Ottoline, Ottilia, and Odile, or names with similar sounds and style, such as Odessa, Odette, Romilly, or Coralie.

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Ottilie Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Ottilie Popularity

Famous People Named Ottilie

  • Ottilie of KatzenelnbogenMargravine of Baden,Baden as wife of Christoph I
  • Ottilie Bondy (Jeitteles)Austrian suffragette, daughter of Alois Isidor Jeitteles
  • Ottilie Davida AssingGerman feminist, freethinker, and abolitionist
  • Ottilie Ethel Leopoldine Herbertbirth name of Tilly Losch, Countess of Carnarvon, Austrian,American dancer and actress
  • Ottilie WildermuthGerman children's author
  • Ottilie Grete AbrahamsNamibian activist, politician and educator
  • Ottilie MetzgerLattermann, German contralto
  • Ottilie Wilhelmine RoedersteinGerman,Swiss painter
  • Ottilie SutroAmerican pianist, sister of Rose Sutro
  • Ottilie "Tilla" DurieuxAustrian actress
  • Ottilie "Ottla" Kafkafavourite sister of Franz Kafka
  • Ottilie PattersonIrish jazz singer