The Top Baby Names of 2023 So Far: Mid-Year Edition

The Top Baby Names of 2023 So Far: Mid-Year Edition

We're halfway through the year — already?! — so what are the most popular names of 2023 so far?

If you're expecting a baby soon, you may be interested in which names other parents are using now, if only to get some idea of whether your favorite names are going to be everywhere, or really out-there.

You can check the national or regional data where you live, but it's out of date as soon as it's published. For example, some of the babies in the latest US baby name rankings, for 2022, are already toddlers.

So where can you find out which names other parents-to-be are considering right now? The Nameberry charts are a great place to start. Updated monthly, they show the names that are getting the most views on our site. Aside from a few starbaby names and pop culture novelties that won't catch on, the charts have proved over the years to be a good predictor of which names are on the rise.

For example, Maeve and Soren, which have been in the Nameberry Top 10 for over a year, are both trending upwards in real life.

Taken from over 16 million views, here are the most popular names on Nameberry in the first half of 2023. Read on for the highlights and the full Top 100.

Top 10 Names of 2023 So Far

Only a few names in our top ten have changed since this time last year, but among them are some big leaps.

For girls, there are three new names in the top ten: Luxury has been in the reader charts ever since we pegged as one of our top names to watch in 2023 and beyond. It was given to 20 baby girls in 2022: not loads, but twice as many as the year before. It also appeared in the charts for boys for the first time ever last year.

The other girl names new to the top ten are Alice and Evangeline, two sweet vintage choices that have been stable in popularity in recent years, making them dependable modern classics.

Royal has taken over from Soren as the number one boy name. This on-trend word name got a boost from the Prime series Outer Range last year, and has been high on readers- radar ever since.

Two boy names are new to the top ten since this time last year: Oliver, another classic that's popular worldwide IRL; and Aire, which has been one of our most-viewed names since Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott announced it as their son's new name in January.

Hottest Girl Names 2023

Girl names getting more popular with our readers include flowing maximalist names, such as Arabella and Calliope, as well as sweet mini-names like Wren and Mae.

Celebrity baby name Esti leapt out of nowhere to 50th place after Chrissy Teigen and John Legend used it for their daughter in January. Abcde is a novel, but real, name that has piqued curiosity this year.

Girl names rising on our charts which are rising in real life — the ones we'd recommend afor a stunning-but-not-too-popular choice — include Amara, Phoebe, Sylvie, and Matilda.

These are all the girl names that have entered the Nameberry Top 100 or climbed significantly since this time last year:

Hottest Boy Names 2023

There have been some big changes in our most popular boy names since this time last year. Miles, James, and Oliver all jumped up 50+ places, showing that parents are still interested in traditional favorites. Other classic names that rose or returned to the Top 100 include Arthur, Henry, William, and Graham.

Meanwhile, names that are usually Berry favorites such as Enzo, Emrys, and Apollo have completely dropped off the list — and yes, I had to double-check the data to be sure!

Names rising to take their place include both Cillian and Kylian, fast-rising options like Alistair and Jasper, and Aarav, meaning "peaceful", which is one of the most popular Indian names in America.

These are all the boy names that have entered or significantly risen in the Nameberry Top 100 since this time last year:

Now read on for the full Nameberry Top 100 lists.

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