Nameberry Birth Announcements for May

Nameberry Birth Announcements for May

By Linda Rosenkrantz

The latest announcements of berrybaby arrivals were particularly Nameberryesque in their mix of the classic, the contemporary and the creative. Of particular interest in this group of May baby names:

*One pair of twins—boys handsomely named Hunt Inigo and Nash Zennor

*Two girls named Saskia and two boys called Arthur, indicating a rise in interest for both those names.

*Middle names– including two Wolfs– saluting family tradition, literary and filmic heroes and cross-cultural considerations.


Alice Jane, sister of Rose Elizabeth

“We chose her name because it has the same lovely vintage feel as Rose Elizabeth.”

Anna Dorothy

“We chose Anna primarily for its timeless quality, but also because it suits our Italian last name and is pronounced the same in my American accent and my husband’s English accent. Dorothy is after my grandmother, to whom I have always been very close. ..I wondered if Anna might be too plain and part of me wanted a more romantic middle than Dorothy. But once she arrived I was completely won over by the sweet simplicity of Anna….I also think Dorothy’s Wizard of Oz connection lends the name a storybook charm.”

Coralie Lynelle, sister of Emorie Leanna and Ada Lane

Feodora Beatriz Omorose, sister of Montgomerie Osamudiamen

Maeve Hilary

“We were looking for a name that complimented the boy name we had selected (and hope to use in the future); Sullivan. We also wanted a name that was pronounced the same by my husband and I—I am Aussie, he is American. Finally, I had a preference for a name of Irish (or Celtic/Gaelic) origin, like my own (and my siblings’ names). The middle name is a family name going back 5 generations–originally used for boys on my dad’s side, Maeve shared her middle name with me (her mum), her grandpa, her great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather.”

Piper Emme

We struggled a bit with her middle name, but the berries waded in with their sage advice.”

Roxanne Cecelia, sister of Rachel, Samantha, Tyler, Jessica and Stephanie

Saskia Mireille, sister of Lovisa Madeleine

Sasha is the name of one of my best friends from childhood so honoring her was nice. She joins sister Lovisa Madeleine. We love their exotic feel and the fact that they share M as a middle initial.”

Saskia Seren

Saskia was a name we heard in a song before we were married and always loved. We knew we wanted a name with a star meaning and Seren fit the bill perfectly, with a nod to my mother Karen and my maiden initial S.”

Violet Belle

Violet won out in the end for its beauty and strength and it suits her just perfectly.”


Archer Dean Lewis

Arthur Elias (nn Ari), brother of Everett Jude and Noah Benedict

Arthur Harris Wolf Ivo, brother of Pepper and Marianne

“We love the romantic, legend appeal of Arthur. And the nickname Art (if it’s cool enough for Chris O’Dowd…) Harris is the name traditionally used by the men in my husband’s family for the last several generations…Wolf is a nod to my Ashkenazi heritage, and Ivo is a nod to my French-speaking family. All our kids have four names, which is a mouthful for some. But I love that they carry some of their family history with them throughout life (their own names, a paternal name, a Jewish name, and a French name. And as we tell them, more name choices to go by when they are older.”

**Bastian Ramsay Lorne,** brother of Freya Alexandrine and Idony Norma

Casper Phoenix, brotherof Luna Iris

Ethan Edgar, brother of Griffin Adam

Ethan was a last minute pick by Dad.  He always said the right name would just come to him one day, and I suppose it did!  Edgar is a very special name to both of us. It is my father’s middle name, my grandfather’s middle name, and HIH father’s middle name.”

Hunt Inigo, twin of Nash Zennor

Hunt is my wife’s surname and we agreed before we even got married that if we had a son he would be Hunt, since all children would have my surname. Inigo was suggested to us here, and we both love the reference to one of my wife’s favourite films, the Princess Bride.”

Judson Wolf

Wolf is a nod to our German heritage, is strong and has the outdoorsy component we were looking for.”

Nash Zennor, twin of Hunt Inigo

“Zennor is after one of my favourite fairy tales, the Mermaid of Zennor.”

Odin Rhys, brother of Amelia Noelle

“We loved how Odin is unique yet still familiar sounding.”

Wilder William, brother of Emerson Bear

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Linda Rosenkrantz

Linda Rosenkrantz

Linda Rosenkrantz is the co-founder of Nameberry, and co-author with Pamela Redmond of the ten baby naming books acknowledged to have revolutionized American baby naming. You can follow her personally at InstagramTwitter and Facebook. She is also the author of the highly acclaimed New York Review Books Classics novel Talk and a number of other books.