Gender: Female Meaning of Madeleine: "woman from Magdala or high tower" Origin of Madeleine: French variation of Magdalen Madeleine's Popularity in 2018: #376

Madeleine Origin and Meaning

The name Madeleine is a girl's name of French origin meaning "woman from Magdala or high tower".

Madeleine is the French spelling preferred by parents who like to put the proper point on things, though the one used by the little girl who lives in the old house in Paris all covered in vines is Madeline.

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fifi_forever Says:


I would pronounce it mad-uh-LEN but it just seems to me that everyone would pronounce it the ‘wrong’ way...

Isabella_188 Says:


For some reason, I only like the pronunciation "Mad-Uh-Line".

sylvansappho Says:


This is my name- I was named after my Italian grandmother, Angela Madeleine. I have always felt very blessed to have it, however I do not really enjoy being called Maddie. There are two other Maddies who lived on my street, so to instill some uniqueness, I told people to at least spell it "Madie" if they insisted on using the nickname. However, now that I'm older, I really wish I had used Lena or Maude or just some different nickname instead. I love the full length name though, I had a substitute teacher in middle school tell me my name was his favorite girls name ever and it really stuck with me :)

loiswrenmatthews Says:


I have adored this name for many years. Unfortunately, in the United Kingdom, this name automatically makes any British citizen think of the missing child, Madeleine McCann, who vanished in 2007. Whenever I suggested it, people scowled at me and said the name has become "unusable" … though I do not agree with this opinion, the negativity of others has ruined this beautiful name for me. This name is not a spelling alternative to Madeline, because the pronunciations are different to one another. Madeleine is pronounced mad-EH-lynne and Madeline is pronounced mad-EH-line. Many people seem to confuse these names for one another.

sendsavings Says:


I love this spelling. I also love this name with the nicknames focusing on the L ending of the name, such as Lena. Helps avoid the over used Maddie/Maddy.

ameliaperrettxo Says:


I love this name. This name is my grandmothers name, she means a lot to me and I would defiantly name if I have daughters after her or include this as a middle name. Its aswell so elegant, and can be shorted by so many.

z_intercept Says:


underrated comment

foreverharriet Says:


Gorgeous spelling

irishdancer428 Says:


I like this a lot better than Madelyn. It looks more traditional and prettier

fromtheocean12 Says:


This is my absolute favorite spelling out of all the variations (Madeline, Madelyn, Madalyn, Madaline, etc.). It just looks so proper and beautiful and classic. I'm just a little confused on what the correct pronunciation is as I've heard mad-uh-line and mad-uh-lin and mad-uh-leen.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Definitely the most stylish, attractive spelling of this beautiful name

Thepandaprincess223 Says:


I knew a Madeleine who went by Maddie or Mads because she thought her name was abit long, but compared to all the Madelyn's out there I think her name is quite nice.

pixelatedinfants Says:


I prefer this spelling to Madeline, but I prefer Madelyn for the -Lin pronunciation.

beachbear Says:


I'm a Madeleine/Maddie too, and I can't stand the name Madison so I always hated those assumptions as well.

I never knew Madeline was Madeleine in the French books! I need to find some and get them!!

Cleora12345 Says:


I am in love with this name. It's beautiful, the pronounciation (mad-uh-len) rolls off the tongue and brightens the room. Madeleine has grace and sophistication in it, but it can still be a name for a more rambunctious girl. It's just long enough and not too short, and the nickname possibilties are cool. Maddie, Mads, Len, Lena, Del, Em... ect.

MadeleineClaire Says:


Nope, the "en" sound is definitely the French pronunciation. It's not a hard emphasis though… more of an "ehn" might be the best way to describe it.

Nozomi Says:


So Pretty! <3

amberdaydream Says:


Only if you count the first three letters. If you consider all the letters, I think more it would mean "I join myself", as in "m'allie".

Lilibet Says:


Mallie in French would mean "sickie"

Lilibet Says:


Call her Eloise. Seriously... I am in the same boat.

Lilibet Says:


No, no, no. To the OP, it is time to move past the McCann issue. Mothers of Madeleines, reclaim this name. I am sooooo tired of the reference to McCann. Get over it, already. On the plus side, the popularity of this gorgeous name is low in England. But really, I am SO TIRED of that association being dragged up.

Koilada Says:


This is my name. I don't mind it, but it's not one I'm particularly fond of.

I actually grew up with multiple people of the same name in school, but never one with the same spelling. The others were all variations of "Madelyn." One of my pet peeves, however, was caused by the fact that my name is spelled extremely similar to the cartoon (which was popular when I was growing up) and to this day, people still sing it at me.

As for nicknames, I've always hated being called Maddy - although it seems that I'm the only one.

TheHumanCanvas Says:


I know. For a long time, that poor child was all I could think of when I heard the name Madeleine. I'm only just now starting to be able to separate the name from her, without the pervasive sadness I've become accustomed to, but to be honest a story like that is hard to forget. I still prefer the Madelyn spelling because of it, even though I'm normally a stickler for "proper" spellings.

amberdaydream Says:


You could use the nickname Mallie instead. Or Leini.

MarieLalie Says:


Since it's french, it is pronounced "madlɛn"

Madeleineanastasia Says:


Always liked my name! This is the best and spelling for this name! I was named after my Italian grandma Maddelena. My sisters name is Genevieve and my mother always received complements on the sib set.

euphemiadwarlock9 Says:


Love this name! Much better than the other alternative spellings. Unfortunately though, here in Britain, this name is still associated with the sad story of Madeleine McCann. *sigh*

Madelyn Says:


I'm a Madelyn/Maddie, and I also hated the assumption that my name was Madison. Glad I'm not the only one. :)

Madeleine89 Says:


I love my name! :) although it has become more popular lately, growing up I never met anyone with my name, or even anyone who knew another Madeleine. I did have the nickname Maddy, but again, i was the only one i knew until i was a teenager, and i went back to Madeleine as i hated everyone assuming my name was Madison..
also; the little french girl in a house covered in vines IS Madeleine, only in the americanised versions was she Madeline ;) I bought several of the books from france and she is Madeleine in them <3

headintheclouds Says:


This is definitely my favorite spelling of the name, and only the pronunciation Mad-uh-lyne for me!

Madeleine is beautiful, but I'm put off by the nickname Maddy/Mady/Maddie that's just everywhere nowadays- I prefer the full name name in all its glory. Also dislike the many, many spelling variants of this. Madeline is the only one I still like- the others like Madalyn, Madelyn, and creative spellings annoy me to no end.

(This name is like Caroline for me- I only like the -lyne sound for the name, and dislike other spelling variants like Carolyn etc.)

SimoneKadele Says:


I would just insist that she went by Madeleine. However, this is tricky, and what if she wanted to be a Maddy? It could get difficult.

gmdx Says:


Question: how do I use this name while avoiding the nickname Maddy?

Lilibet Says:


a beautiful name, gorgeous this spelling. Dislike Maddy and Madison.

Caroline Says:


I love this spelling better than Madeline!

jordalini Says:


This is my favorite spelling, it just looks so beautiful

madaleine09 Says:


My name is spelled madaleine. Pronounced ma-da-line

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Ditto, indiefendi! My thoughts exactly.

rabia_chrisden Says:


I think the pronunciation of this name should be mad-eh-lin. But it's up to the parents how to pronounce it. I love this name it's such a classy name

Guest Says:


I think this spelling should be pronounced authentically: Mad-uh-layn

Madelyn/Madelynn should be the spelling you use if you want the en sound

Madeline should have the long I sound

Renee Says:


I'm not sure which one would be more popular and well known - Madeleine, Madeline, Madelyn?

befx217 Says:


Thank you :)

Madeleine Says:


It's usually pronounced Mad-eh-lin. The second one is usually the pronunciation for the alternative spelling Madeline (without the extra 'e').

befx217 Says:


Is this pronounced Mad-eh-lin or Mad-ah-line?