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Gender: F Meaning of Cecelia: "blind" Origin of Cecelia: Latin Cecelia's Popularity in 2015: #544

Cecelia, with this spelling, is getting new attention as the name of Jim and Pam's baby on The Office -- and also the name of actress Jenna Fischer's newborn niece. A spelling variation of Cecilia that has a gently old-fashioned feel and several appealing short forms, including Celia, Celie, and, as on the TV show, Cece. Three times as many babies are given the Cecilia spelling as get the Cecelia one, though if you plan on calling your daughter Cece or Celia, Cecelia may feel like the more logical spelling.

Famous People Named Cecelia

Cecelia Anastasia Holland, American novelist
Cecelia Ager, American film critic
Cecelia Ahern, Irish Author
Cecilia Beaux, American portraitist
Cecelia "CeCe" Frey, American singer
Cecelia Eve Gershenson, daughter of CNN anchor Kate Bolduan

Pop Culture References for the name Cecelia

Cecilia "Cece" Meyers, character on the TV show "New Girl"
Cecelia Monk, supporting character in the film "Crossing Delancy" who pronounced it Ca-chill-ya
Cecelia Trevenen, character from "What Real Life Is"
Cecelia Adlehyde, character from video game "Wild Arms"