Cool Girl Names: Charmed circles

Cool Girl Names: Charmed circles

Cool girl names, much like cool girls themselves, often travel in packs. Once one cool girl name gets popular, similar ones tend to follow. These names often share sounds, but they can also be connected by a theme such as city names, bird names, or virtue names.

Certain name groups can become emblematic of entire generations. Girls with names ending in -ney (think Courtney, Whitney, Sydney) are easily tagged as Millennials. The generation currently being born will be identifiable by their Ev- and -lani names, as well as their royal word names.

These are some of the cool girl name groups currently on the rise. Each individual name varies in popularity, but as a bunch they are trending among girl names.

Ariana, Eliana, Liliana, Luciana, Viviana

Aspen, January, Winter

Aurelia, Auriana, Aurora

Birdie, Dove, Lark, Wren

Briar, Brielle, Brynn

Brooklyn, London, Savannah, Vienna

Daisy, Iris, Magnolia, Poppy

Egypt, Holland, India, Ireland

Elise, Eliza, Elsie

Ella, Estella, Stella, Zella

Eloise, Louisa, Luella

Emerald, Emerson, Emery

Eva, Evelyn, Everly

Evie, Ivy, Liv

Felicity, Honor, True

Finley, Henley, Oakley

Gia, Gianna, Giulietta

Harlow, Margot, Marlowe, Willow

Harper, Piper, Juniper

Hazel, Navy, Olive, Scarlett, Violet

Isla, Lila, Delilah

Kehlani, Leilani, Meilani, Noelani

Kennedy, Kinsley, McKinley

Lennon, Logan, Teagan

Lumi, Luna, Lux

Majesty, Princess, Reign, Royalty

Noa, Nola, Nora, Nova

Remy, Romilly, Romy, Rory, Rumi

Sawyer, Saylor, Skyler

Tinley, Tinsley, Tierney

Is there one of these clusters that particularly appeals to you?  Which one?

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