Cool Girl Names: Charmed Circles

Cool Girl Names: Charmed Circles

Cool girl names, much like cool girls themselves, often travel in packs. Once one cool girl name gets popular, similar ones tend to follow.

These names often share sounds, but they can also be connected by a theme such as color names, bird names, or virtue names.

Certain name groups can become emblematic of entire generations. Girls with names ending in -ney (think Courtney, Whitney, Sydney) are easily tagged as Millennials.

Popular Girl Name Groups

The generation currently being born will be identifiable by their Lil- and Ev-, -ley and -lani names, as well as their aspirational word names, nicknamey names, and surnames-turned-first-names.

These are some of the cool girl name groups currently among the "in" crowd. Each individual name varies in popularity, but as a bunch they represent many of the trending girl names of the moment.

Names ending in -lani

Ailani, Iolani, Kailani, Kehlani, Leilani, Milani, Meilani, Nalani, Noelani

Lyrical four-syllable names

Amelia, Emilia, Aurelia, Ophelia, Cecilia

Names ending in -ley

Adley, Brinley, Finley, Hadley, Kinsley, Loxley, Marley, Oakley, Tinsley, Wrenley

Names ending in -iana

Adriana, Ariana, Eliana, Liliana, Luciana, Giana, Juliana, Kiana, Mariana, Viviana

Punchy X names

Beatrix, Pixie, Nixie, Moxie, Maxine, Lux, Nyx, Onyx

High-energy nicknames

Bibi, Coco, Cece, Gigi, Kiki, Lulu, Mimi, Zuzu

Avian names

Birdie, Dove, Lark, Wren, Sparrow

Names ending in -ton

Brighton, Halston, Kensington, Leighton, Peyton, Remington, Sutton, Anniston

Flower names

Clover, Daisy, Iris, Magnolia, Poppy, Rose, Violet

Names ending in -ora

Cora, Flora, Liora, Nora, Zora, Thora, Theodora

Names starting with El-

Ella, Ellie, Elsie, Eliza, Elena, Elise, Eloise, Elodie, Elowen

Traveling Lite names

Esti, Indi, Joni, Lumi, Nori, Remi, Rumi, Suvi, Yoli, Zuri

Names starting with Ev-

Eva, Evelyn, Everly, Everlynn, Evie, Evelina, Evangeline

O ending sound

Harlow, Arlowe, Margot, Marlowe, Willow, Cleo, Juno

Names ending in -er

Harper, Piper, Ember, Kimber, Juniper, Sawyer, Skyler, Vesper

Color names

Hazel, Navy, Indigo, Olive, Scarlett, Violet

Whimsical word names

Honor, Ever, Dream, True, Love, Star, Fable, Story

L sandwich names

Lily, Lilly, Lila, Lilia, Liliana, Lilith, Lilou, Lola, Layla

Goddess names

Luna, Aurora, Athena, Freya, Phoebe, Artemis, Persephone

May names

Mae, Maeve, Maisie, Mabel, Mamie, Maven, Maebry

Regal word names

Reign, Empress, Heiress, Legacy, Majesty, Princess, Royalty, Sovereign

Old man nicknames

Teddy, Billie, Bobbie, Lenny, Ozzie, Frankie, Joey, Scottie

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