English from French
"desired; or water, island"

Evelina Origin and Meaning

The name Evelina is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "desired; or water, island".

A popular name in the Middle Ages, Evelina was eclipsed by Evelyn in the last century, but has a chance at a well-deserved comeback now, fitting right in with the other Ev-names. Like Evelyn, it derives from the Norman name Aveline.

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Evelina Popularity

Famous People Named Evelina

  • Evelina BarryRussian Youtube Personality
  • Evelina SasenkoLIthuanian jazz singer
  • Evelina HaverfieldBritish suffragist and aid worker
  • Evelina de RothschildEnglish socialite
  • Evelina PapouliaGreek actress/dancer
  • Evelina PapantoniouMiss Greece 2001
  • Evelina PetrovaRussian composer and accordionist
  • M. Evelina GalangFilipina,American writer

Evelina in Pop Culture

  • "Sweet Evelina"Civil War era song
  • "Evelina" novel by Fanny Burney