"she who brings happiness; blessed"

Beatrix Origin and Meaning

The name Beatrix is a girl's name of Latin, Dutch origin meaning "she who brings happiness; blessed".

Beatrix has a solid history of its own apart from Beatrice, with that final x adding a playful, animated note to the name's imposing history.

In the earliest sources it is recorded as Viatrix, meaning "voyager". Possibly the spelling was deliberately changed to resemble the Latin word beatus, "blessed"; both meanings are part of Beatrix's rich history.

It has been largely associated with Beatrix (born Helen) Potter, creator of Peter Rabbit, and Beatrix has been Queen of The Nethelands since 1980.

Actress Jodie Sweetin has a daughter called Beatrix, and designer Kate Spade chose it for her daughter Frances's middle name. The main character in Quentin Tarantino's movie Kill Bill was Beatrix Kiddo, played by Uma Thurman.

Both Bea and Trixie are adorable nicknames,and Beatriz is the Spanish form.

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Famous People Named Beatrix

  • Beatrix Wilhelmina ArmgardQueen of the Netherlands (reigned 1980,2013)
  • (Helen) Beatrix PotterEnglish children's author and illustrator
  • Beatrix HoytAmerican golfer
  • Beatrix LoughranAmerican figure skater
  • Beatrix "Trixi" SchubaAustrian figure skater
  • Beatrix Jones FarrandAmerican landscape architect
  • Beatrix BaloghHungarian Olympic handballer
  • Beatrix OngBritish shoe designer
  • Beatrix Alice Marie Melita MargaretePrincess of Hohenlohe,Langenburg; daughter of Princess Margarita of Greece and Denmark; niece of Britain's Prince Philip
  • Sophie Hélène BéatrixPrincess of France; daughter of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette
  • Beatrix Lazard (b1966), daughter of novelist Danielle Steel and Claude,Eric Lazard
  • Beatrix Carlin SweetinCoyle (b. 2010), daughter of actress Jodie Sweetin and Morty Coyle
  • Beatrix Belle "Trixie" Box (b. 2013)daughter of TV presenter Fifi Box
  • Beatrix Leigh Cody (b. 2015)daughter of reality TV personalities John and Candice Cody ("Survivor")
  • CatharinaAmalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria (b. 2003), Princess of Orange

Beatrix in Pop Culture

  • Beatrix "Trixie" Beldenmain character in the book series by Julie Campbell Tatham
  • Beatrix Kiddomain character in the Kill Bill movies
  • Beatrix Coltranecharacter in movie "Little Pieces of Sunshine"
  • Beatrixcharacter in video game "Final Fantasy IX"
  • Beatrix Bloxamcharacter in the Harry Potter series
  • Beatrix "Trixie" Franklincharacter on TV's "Call the Midwife"
  • Beatrixmother of the legendary English Knight of the Swan
  • Beatrix MacMillancompanion on TV's "Doctor Who"
  • "Beatrix Cenci" opera by Alberto Ginastera and its main character
  • Beatrixfrom the School for Good and Evil book series
  • The Beatrix Girlsfashion dolls
  • Beatrix a character from the movie "Parallel"

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