Spelling variation of Lily or diminutive of Lilian
"lily; pledged to God"

Lili Origin and Meaning

The name Lili is a girl's name of German origin.

Lili has been blooming in many forms for a couple of decades now. The Lili version will surely get more attention now that the Duke and Duchess of Susses, aka Harry and Meghan, are using is as a short form for their daughter Lilibet Diana's name. Lili makes the slight and light though that is not necessarily a bad thing; it also mutes the name's floral identity and gives it a cute and quirky repetitive spelling, ala Coco and Lulu. A famous German song is titled Lili Marlene.

Lili Popularity

Famous People Named Lili

  • Lili Elbe (born Einar Mogens Wegener)Danish painter; one of the first people to undergo sex reassignment surgery
  • Lili Damita (born Liliane MarieMadeleine Carre), French actress
  • Lili Anne TaylorAmerican actress
  • Lili St. Cyr (born Willis Marie Van Schaack)American burlesque stripper
  • Elia Maria "Lili" GonzálezÁlvarez (y López,Chicheri), Spanish athlete
  • (MarieJuliette Olga) Lili Boulanger, French composer
  • Lili ChookasianAmerican operatic contralto
  • Lili HaydnCanadian violinist
  • Lilyana "Lili" IvanovaBulgarian pop singer
  • Lili KrausHungarian,British pianist
  • Lili NovySlovenian poet
  • Lili ReinhartAmerican actress
  • LiLi RoquelinFrench,American pop singer
  • Lili SimmonsAmerican actress
  • Lili SumnerNew Zealand model
  • Lili MargaritiszHungarian rhythmic gymnast

Lili in Pop Culture

  • Lili Dauriermain character in 1953 film "Lili"
  • Lili Zanottocharacter in 2005 game Psychonauts
  • Welsh version of Lily