Gender: Female Origin of Sunny: English nickname Sunny's Popularity in 2018: #871

Sunny Origin and Meaning

The name Sunny is a girl's name of English origin.

Upbeat nickname-name that can't help but make you smile. You might want to use it as a short form for a more "serious" name such as Sunniva, but Sunny is undeniably, well, sunny.

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Rank in US: #871

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Famous People Named Sunny

Pop Culture References for the name Sunny

Sonny, Sunni, Sunnee, Sunshine, Sunnie


TechnoKitten Says:


It's too girly and frilly.Can you imagine a businesswoman named Sunny?A soldier?This should stay as a nickname.

pam Says:


@charlottesmommy3 Brilliant idea to create a nickname from the translated meaning of a non-English name. That's a creative way to bridge cultures.

charlottesmommy3 Says:


My daughter has a Swahili name that means sunshine, so we call her Sunny. I think the name Sunny would stand fine on its own even without her given name.

Ella Says:


Sunny is one of my favorite names.I don't care what the dumb description says.

beachbear Says:


I think it's because the same small selection of people are defining the names, so it's very subjective.

Candice Bale Says:


My daughters name is Sunny. After I named her I went to name Berry and read their description. It made me feel down and regret the name I had chosen for my daughter. I worried she would have no personality. Sunny is now 2 years old and is a very determined and serious character who no doubt is fully dimensional. Lol. I have no regrets now and it's great reading all the comments for this name just to see how wrong nameberyy is. If they can approve of the name Poppy then there is absolutely nothing wrong with the name Sunny. In my opinion it's a far superior name.

Josie1497 Says:


The only thing "reductive" about this name is the so called Name Info for it. You state that it isn't fit for a "fully dimensional human" and yet contradict yourself in the same line, by demonstrating two recent celebrity uses of the name (both children, I assume were "fully dimensional"). One only has to scroll to the bottom of the page to read countless "Famous People named Sunny" who have achieved great success under this name and I can only assume too were "fully dimensional", as well as many popular characters who have the name. So not only the statement unsupported by the name facts listed on your own website, the facts actively show that you are wrong. Of course, if that isn't enough, one only has to go to the comments to see many real people express that they completely disagree with Nameberry's statement and love the name Sunny. I'll lend my voice to theirs:
Sunny is my Grandmother's name, an amazing woman who I assure you is a "fully dimensional human", and who loves her name, which fits her perfectly and is beloved by those who know her because of that. The name has aged gracefully with her throughout the years, and has never received any negative feedback. The hypocrisy demonstrated in this description is astounding. How is Sunny reductive, but Goldie and Poppy viewed positively? Even if the makers of this site do not like the name, to bash it in a way that casts doubt on the character and humanity of those named Sunny is just appalling. To say that this name is too reductive for a fully dimensional human is to cast doubt on the depth, dimensionality, and humanity of those with this name, and even those who named them. It is dismissive to the point of being scornful, and unfitting of this website and the people who use it.

kennamoon Says:


what if someone named Sunny looked up their own name to read that harsh "name info!" I like it a lot, I think it stands alone well. It's a beautiful name!

Myanover Says:


Sunny is cute and pretty rare , but it definitely is one of my faviorate names

oliviamcdonald Says:


I've loved this name for years!!

Marlz81 Says:


This is my favourite girl name EVER!! Absolutely love it😘

farmhouseblue Says:


This name is gorgeous and has substance to stand alone- as a given name or a nickname. Nameberry's opinions on names mean nothing apparently since names like Tulip, Summer, and Winter have a better appraisal from them...

Marlz81 Says:


I keep coming back to this name:) it's just so pretty.

TheHumanCanvas Says:


Sonya "Sunny" hits a nice chord for me :)

GuineapigGirl15 Says:


I love this name!

Bobcat108 Says:


I agree...I don't understand why the official Nameberry definitions can be so widely divergent for very similar names.

steampunkleo Says:


I think both Poppy and Sunny are completely okay :)

Bobcat108 Says:


So Poppy is completely okay as a full name for the birth certificate but Sunny is barely okay even as a nn. Why?

steampunkleo Says:


Susan, Sunniva, Sonya, Soleil, Madison, other -son names.

csd267 Says:


Susannah maybe?

Marlz81 Says:


I love this name:) so cute

raevynstar Says:


How about Sunshine? It's not everyone's taste but I like it.

Guest Says:


Usually I see it as a nickname for Summer

AnonymousPerson Says:


What would this be short for?

csd267 Says:


I have a soft spot for this name. I think it is cheery, and although a bit hippyish, Ivy and Willow and other nature names are so popular. Why not a happy name like Sunny?