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Lake Origin and Meaning

The name Lake is a girl's name of English origin.

This body of water runs deep; the best of a group of new possibilities that includes Bay, Ocean, River, and the more established Brook. It has received attention via the actress Lake Bell. Lake would make a particularly cool and refreshing middle name, as Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady did for daughter Vivian.

Lake is also a fairly common surname, represented by 1940's blonde femme fatale Veronica (born Constance Ockelman), actress/talk show host Ricki and Emerson, Lake & Palmer bassist Greg.

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Lake Popularity

Famous People Named Lake

  • Lake Siegel BellAmerican actress
  • Vivian Lake Bradydaughter of model Gisele Bundchen and NFL player Tom Brady
  • Caroline Lake (Quiner) Ingallsmother of novelist Laura Ingalls Wilder

Lake in Pop Culture

  • Derry Lakefemale character in the webcomic "Riverside Extras" by Miri Chamberlain
  • Mirror Tulip/M.T. “Lake”main character in the animated series “Infinity Train”