Popular Unisex Names

Popular Unisex Names

Popular unisex names in the United States are led by Logan, which ranks at Number 356 on the girls' chart and Number 39 on the boys' chart.

Along with Logan, other popular unisex names include Avery, Riley, Parker, and Angel. Truly nonbinary names — those that are given to girls and boys in roughly equal numbers — include Parker, Charlie, Tatum, and Emerson.

While the majority of these names are more popular for one sex over another, they each meet our definition of a unisex name — one that is given to the minority sex at least ten percent of the time in a given year.

We used data from the Social Security Administration to find the Top 500 unisex names in America — you won't find this list anywhere else!

Browse the most popular unisex and gender-neutral baby names, below. Pink hearts designate unisex names that are more common for girls, and blue hearts designate those that are more common for boys.