Best M Names for Girls

Best M Names for Girls

Girl names that start with M have been going through a kind of hiatus, with only three appearances in the current Top 50 — Mia, Mila, and Madison. That’s a far cry from the 00s, when there were six, and the 80s, when there were seven (Misty!).

We’re ripe for an M-girl uprising, simply because there are such gorgeous choices waiting in the wings! Here are 15 of the very best, including a pair of offbeat florals and some sweet vintage revivals.


This sweet vintage name with a slight Southern charm is back on the charts after a nearly 50-year hiatus. Mabel seems like a natural fit in today's classrooms along with the Violets, Hazels, and Sadies. Equally-sweet Maple has similar sounds but puts a botanical spin on the name.


This sleek Irish name meaning "she who intoxicates" is one of the hottest in recent years, currently on track to enter the Top 100. Maeve appears in Irish mythology in two forms, one as the powerful warrior Queen of Connacht, famous for starting a war in an attempt to steal her ex-husband’s stud bull. The other mythological Maeve was the queen of the fairies. Traditional Irish spellings include Meabh, Medb, and Meadhbh.


Several short forms of classic Margaret are in style today, from chic Margot, saucy Maggie, and of course, sweet Maisie. If you include alternative spellings, children's literature includes the series Maisy featuring a mouse of that name, as well as Dr. Seuss's Daisy-Head Mayzie. In the UK, Maisie ranks in the Top 50.


This chic and feminine French name may appeal to parents who like names such as Josephine and Adeline. Her femininity and vintage charm is balanced by her fantasy nerdiness due to the Vampire Queen character in the animated show Adventure Time. The powerful meaning "little warrior" adds to Marceline's versatility.


The sleekest diminutive of Margaret (or more accurately, diminutive of the French Marguerite) with a vintage yet surprisingly modern charm due to that chic "oh" ending— Margot may be one of the most stylish names today. Margot, meaning "pearl", has been rising very fast in the last decade. Other attractive spellings include the quirky Margo and the luxurious Margaux.

Popular M Names for Girls in the US


Once an offbeat and unusual choice, Marigold is beginning to get attention. This name of the beautiful golden flower has a sweet, sunny feel, as well as being a symbol of the virgin Mary. Consider her as a fresh botanical route to honor a Maria, Mary, Marie, or Margaret. Add in the shiny vintage nickname Goldie, and we think Marigold is ready to move from the plant nurseries to the baby nurseries.


This alluring Spanish name stems from "Maria de la Soledad", as well as from the Spanish words for sea and sun — mar y sol. The Venezuelan artist Marisol Escobar — known simply by her first name — is noted for her witty Pop Art sculptures. Marisol had a wave of popularity from the 70s to the early 2000s but has fallen to the bottom of the charts in recent years. However, with the attention to other sun-related names such as Soleil and Sunny recently, Marisol would be a great pick.


This stunning cross-cultural name meaning "coral" is of Swahili and Arabic origin. Marjani has that fashionable "ani" ending seen in trending names from various cultures such as Armani and Leilani. French variant Marjane belongs to the author of the iconic graphic memoir Persepolis.


Vintage and feminine Margot is one of the fastest-rising names in recent years. Modern Harlow has also been getting a lot of love lately. The similar-sounding Marlowe combines the lush sounds of Margot with the cool unisex feel of Harlow, giving her a whole lot of potential. Marlowe is one of the coolest surnames for girls, with the namesake of poet Christopher Marlowe. Alternative spellings include Marlo and Marlow.


This lacy, mauve-tinted name hasn't been seen in the last 75 years, making her due for a revival. Also spelled Maud, this name is a variant of another gorgeous but strong vintage revival with the sweet association to the sweet telekinetic little girl from the charming Roald Dahl book — Matilda. With the meaning "battle-mighty", Maude is ready for parents looking for a stylish statement name that will stand out.

Unique Girl Names Starting With M


Max names for boys are well loved in recent years, from the more tailored Max and Maxwell to the grand Maximus and Maximilian. Why not extend this love to the girl's side? Sweet and sassy Maxine was popular 100 years ago, so it should be her time to come back. Maxine "Max" Mayfield from the hit show Stranger Things gives the name a hip association.


Merritt has the appeal of a stylish surname vibe as well as the trending "-tt" ending. To top this off, her similarity to the virtue word "merit" gives a lot of appeal. Emmy-award-winning actress Merritt Wever brought this former surname-only into the spotlight as a girl name, leading to Merritt now being given to more than 100 baby girls each year.


Millie is rising very quickly and is becoming one of the most fashionable nicknames for girls. Naturally, parents will be looking for intriguing ways to get to the nickname Millie, and Millaray could be just that. This Mapuche name has been on the charts in Chile for years but hasn't made her way to the States. With the beautiful meaning "golden flower", Millaray would make a unique floral name.


Greek Athena cracked the Top 100 in 2021. Can the Roman counterpart for this goddess join her? Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom, arts, warfare, mathematics, and more. Minerva also has a strong literary presence, from headmistress witch Minerva McGonagall in the Harry Potter series, to Dicken's novel Pickwick Papers, to the Artemis Fowl books. The sweet nickname Minnie makes this mythological name feel very wearable.


Disney's hit movie Encanto, with the quirky and loveable protagonist Mirabel, has taken the world by storm. Isabel and Annabel have enjoyed popularity in the 2000s, but Mirabel has been surprisingly flying under the radar despite her lush sound and her meaning "wonderful". The hyper-feminine spelling Mirabelle is also a beautiful choice.

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