The Coolest Unisex Nature Names

The Coolest Unisex Nature Names

Unisex nature names blend two of the coolest categories of baby names right now – so it’s no wonder they’re attracting a lot of attention!

One fifth of the top unisex names on Nameberry are nature names, and the single hottest unisex name of the past year on our site was Aletris. It’s a quirky flower name which saw a more than 500% increase in views compared to the previous year.

Gender neutral nature names are also a popular choice for people undergoing gender transition, since they lack the long-standing gender associations of most traditional first names. This is especially true of unique and unconventional options, like many of those suggested below.

Read on for a breakdown of the coolest unisex nature names of the moment, as well as some that we think deserve a place in the next wave!

Top Gender Neutral Nature Names

Nameberry classifies unisex names as those that are given to the minority sex at least 10% of the time. Truly gender neutral names, however, boast a much more even gender balance – no greater than a 35% vs 65% split.

Below are the Top 10 most popular unisex nature names in the US. They include four choices that are truly gender neutral: River, Phoenix, Sage and Oakley.

Other unisex nature names given to more than 500 babies in total were Palmer and Briar – both on Nameberry’s hot list – as well as gender neutral Robin, used for almost exactly equal numbers of boys and girls.

Unisex Nature Names: The Next Wave

Trends we expect to see in the next wave of unisex and gender neutral nature names include cool new tree names like Cedar, Cypress and Sequoia. Names with water-related meanings also look set to make a splash. Truly gender neutral Ocean was one of Nameberry’s hottest names for both boys and girls last year.

Fresh color names, like Blue, Indigo and Golden, and bright celestial names like Sunny, Sol and Vega are also on our watch list for 2021 and beyond.

Here are 30 uncommon unisex and gender neutral nature names we think are about to heat up. All were used fewer than 500 times in 2019.

Unique Unisex Nature Names

Unique unisex names are those given to fewer than 50 babies in the last year on record. In fact, many of these uncommon and unconventional nature names didn’t make the list at all in 2019.

Great places to look for unique gender neutral nature name inspiration include natural features like Caldera, Dune and Esker, which haven’t been picked up by parents in the same way that animal, flower or tree names have.

But there are still plenty of undiscovered botanical names out there! Try rare plant names like Betony and Sorrel, or herb and spice names like Caraway and Rue. Quirky color names and rare avian names are also a great source of inspiration.

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