Leo Baby Names Burn Hot

Leo Baby Names Burn Hot

Leo names are fierce and fiery — perfect for children born under the zodiac sign of Leo, a fire sign symbolized by the lion.

Along with names that mean fire and names that mean lion, names that relate to the color yellow are ideal for a little Leo, which is associated with the color, as well as orange and gold. Other symbols tied to Leo include the gems Ruby, Onyx, and Peridot, and flowers Peony, Marigold, and Gerbera Daisy.

Children with Leo as their sun sign are born during the height of summer. The Sun is in Leo from July 22nd to August 22nd. Any summer baby name would be ideal for a young Leo, particularly names related to the Sun, which rules over the zodiac sign.

If you need a name for your Leo on the way, take a look at our extensive guide to naming your Leo baby, below:

Top Leo Names

Some of the most fitting names for Leo babies are, naturally, leonine names or names that mean lion. Straightforward Leo leads the pride of lion-related names for babies, ranking at number 22 on the official US popularity charts. Not far behind is Leonardo, a romantic Italian full form. For girls, the most common leonine name is Ariella, which means “lion of God.”

Names inspired by the months Leo inhabits, such as Julian, Juliette, and August, rank among the most popular names for babies, as do the gemstones associated with each month, Ruby (July) and Onyx (August).

Below, names for Leo babies within the US Top 700:

Leo Girl Names

The flowers that represent the Leo zodiac sign are among our favorite options for Leo girl names. Daisy, inspired by the Gerbera Daisy, is a familiar and fashionable choice, while Peony and Marigold are rarer but no less stylish.

Marigold could be shortened to Goldie, which also connects to Leo’s colors of gold, yellow, and orange. There are many wonderful girl names that mean gold and yellow — Xanthe, Orla, and Saffron are some of the best.

Notable Leo women from history with names worth considering include fashion designer Coco Chanel, writer Beatrix Potter, and Wild West sharpshooter Annie Oakley.

Here, our top 20 names for Leo girls:

Leo Boy Names

Blazing hot names make perfect Leo boy names, as Leo is the second of three fire signs in the zodiac and counts the Sun as its planetary ruler. There are many attractive boy names that mean sun, such as Italian Elio, which has now risen up to #877 after the premiere of the film Call Me by Your Name; Ishaan, a Hindi name meaning “the sun;” and Ravi, the name of the Hindu god of the Sun. Baby names for boys that mean fire include Blaze and McCoy.

The surnames of historical Leos may inspire a name for a Leo son. Author Aldous Huxley, whose surname is on the rise, was a Leo, as was poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson and American manufacturing icon Henry Ford.

Napoleon is a big name, but one with a double connection to the star sign of Leo. The name means “lion of the new city” — an apt choice for the controversial military leader and European aristocrat Napoleon Bonaparte, who was a Leo himself. Napoleon is typically given to 10-25 baby boys each year.

Below, a selection of the best names for Leo boys:

Unique Leo Names

Each sign of the zodiac rules over a particular part of the body, and Leo is associated with the heart. Unique names that mean heart include Euston, Urvashi, Obiajulu, and Corazón — the Spanish word for heart.

A name meaning five would serve as a subtle connection to Leo, as it is the fifth sign of the zodiac. The Ancient Roman name Pontius, Spanish Quinto, and West African unisex name Enu, meaning “fifth born child,” are intriguing and rare options.

Unique Leo baby names were given to fewer than 50 babies in 2022. Here, a compilation of our favorites:

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