November Baby Names

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by Sophie Kihm

Names for babies born in November may be inspired by the fall season or late-autumn colors such as gold or brown.

November baby names might also reference the Thanksgiving holiday or be drawn from the roster of names for Scorpio babies. Names related to the November birthstone, Topaz, and names related to Chrysanthemum, the November flower, work well.

Notable people or events connected to the month, including the names of saints who celebrate their feast days in November, can connect to November baby names. November itself might be an appropriate name for a November baby, as might Nova or Eleven.

Along with Nova and Aurora, the most popular November baby names ranking in the US Top 1000 include Grace, Elizabeth, Charles, and Theodore. Unique November baby names we recommend include Leopold, Clement, Octavius, Amabel, and Winifred.

If you're expecting a baby in November, you may want to consider these names themed to the eleventh month. You can also explore the wider range of names for autumn babies.

  • Amabel

    Amabel is an older name than Annabel and a lot more distinctive. Amabel was a very common name in the twelfth and thirteen centuries, then was revived during the nineteenth century British fad for... Read More 

  • Aurelius

    Since Aurelius was given the supermodel seal of approval by Elle Macpherson, this is one of the Roman emperor names, like Augustus, now in the realm of possibility. Like the female Aurelia and... Read More 

  • Aurora

    Aurora is the name of the Roman goddess of sunrise whose tears turned into the morning dew. She was said to renew herself by traveling from East to West across the sky, announcing the arrival of... Read More 

  • Brice

    Brice, much more often spelled Bryce, is an old saint's name that now has a sleek and sophisticated image—it feels elegant and efficient. Of the two spellings, Bryce is much more popular for both... Read More 

  • Bruno

    Bruno is a popular name throughout Europe and South America that deserves more attention here. Its color meaning makes it one of the perfect Read More 

  • Charles

    Charles was derived from the Germanic name Karl, which came from the word karlaz, meaning “free man.” The now-defunct Anglo-Saxon variation of Charles was Ceorl, from which the word... Read More 

  • Chrysanthemum

    One of the rarest of the flower names, that of the blossom celebrated in Japan as a symbol of the sun and a possible object of meditation. One of the rare flower names counted among Read More 

  • Clement

    Clement, the name of fourteen popes and several saints, has a pleasantly, positive, slightly antiquated feel, like the phrase "clement weather."

    Clement C. Moore wrote the poem "A... Read More 

  • Colman

    Colman is best known as the name of the mustard. The Colman spelling is less widely used that Coleman, which is at the very bottom of the Top 1000 list.Read More 

  • Crisanta

    Crisanta, while not related to Christine, would make a pretty and highly unusual alternative to that tried-and-true name. Because of its relationship to the chrysanthemum, the flower of the month... Read More 

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