Baby Names That Mean Red

October 27, 2019 Pamela Redmond
baby names that mean red
by Pamela Redmond  Baby names that mean red are an elite group, and one that has a lot of personal meaning for me. When I was having my first child, my then-husband and I had a boys' name (Henry) picked out from the very beginning.  But when it began to occur to us eight months into the pregnancy that this baby might be a girl, we were stumped for a name. We had very different ideas about style in girls' names.  Family names seem to create more problems than they solved. So when we found a way to focus our search that we could both agree on, we were delighted. Our mission: To find a name that means red.  I love the color red, my hair is reddish, and my last name is Redmond, so red incorporated a lot of potent symbols for me. And a first name meaning red would help balance the fact that our child would carry my husband's surname. We ended up naming our daughter Rory, but there are a lot of other wonderful boy and girl baby names that mean red.  If red is a meaning that catches fire with you, consider these scarlet-hued options.

Girl Names That Mean Red

Crimson might be the choice for you.  The word comes from the Old Spanish kermes, an insect whose shell created deep red dye. Jason Bateman for his daughter.  Maple turns from green nature name to red name by virtue of its brilliant fall foliage. Though theoretically unisex, Maple was used only for girls in 2018, when the name was given to nearly 150 babies. Poppy -- This bright red flower name has been hotter in England and Australia for many years. Now it's also finding lots of fans in the US. Poppy entered the US Top 1000 for the first time in 2016 and currently stands in at Number 592. Poppy! Scarlett Johansson made it a megastar.

Boy Names That Mean Red

Adam is still and forever a solid choice that remains in the Top 100. Casper. Raymond The Fat, and I blame all my weight struggles on his genetic legacy. A handful of baby boys were named Redmond in the US last year. Reid, which is more confusing but oddly more popular. Rufus was a Biblical name, the name of several saints,  and the nickname of red-haired King William

Unisex Names That Mean Red

Clancy is an unusual baby name for either gender, used for only 20 boys and 10 girls in the US in 2018. Flann names. Jr. tries to claim for himself.  It means "son of the red-haired one" so could make a perfect honorific for the child or grandchild of a redhead. Flynn entered the US Top 1000 for boys for the first time in 2011, where it now stands at Number 779. Garnet -- The name of this deep red stone, birthstone for January babies, has never been as well-used as some other jewel choices. Still, Garnet has a rich, serious feel that seems more stylish now than even a handful of years ago. Rare for both girls and boys, it's nevertheless given near-evenly to both. Nine girls and eight boys were named Garnet in 2018. Radley means "red meadow" and fits in with the stylish -ley ending group of baby names. It was used in 2018 for about six times as boys as girls. Rory -- This Irish name meaning "red king" has had a meteoric rise since I chose it for my daughter in the 1980s. Now standing in the US Top 600 for girls and the Top 400 for boys, it's gone from quirky import to stylish-but-not-overused unisex choice. Rowan means "little redhead." The Nameberry Guide to Off-the-Grid Baby Names. Need more options?  Check out our master list of Names That Mean Red or Redhead (not for redheads only). Photo by Georgia Brizuela. Pamela Redmond is the cofounder and CEO of Nameberry. With Linda Rosenkrantz, she is the coauthor of ten landmark books about names, including Beyond Jennifer & Jason and The Baby Name Bible. She has been widely quoted as an expert on baby names by such media outlets as The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, The Today Show, and CNN. Along with Nameberry pieces analyzing baby name gender switches and predicting future name trends, Redmond is the author of the novel Younger, the basis for the hit TV show.

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