100 Best Boy Names Ending in a Vowel

100 Best Boy Names Ending in a Vowel

Boy names ending in a vowel (or a vowel sound) feel lively and distinctive, in an era where consonant-ending names for boys – particularly those ending in N and R – have long dominated the popularity charts.

Although there are only three boy names ending in a vowel sound in the current US Top 20Noah, Elijah and Henry – vowel-ending names are certainly attracting a lot of attention at the moment. The Top 20 most viewed boy names on Nameberry right now include eight cool choices that end in a vowel sound: Levi, Arlo, Leo, Henry, Kai, Ezra, Theo and reigning #1 name Milo.

O is undoubtedly the hottest vowel ending of the moment for boys, boosted by high-profile new arrivals like Alec and Hilaria Baldwin’s Eduardo and Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev’s Matteo. And I-ending boy names are on the rise too, with Sekani, Malakhi, Jakari and Remi all among the fastest rising names of the past year.

Read on for our pick of the 100 best boy names ending in a vowel, plus links to our full lists of names ending in each letter.

Boy Names Ending in A

A-ending names continue to dominate the charts for girls, but there are some increasingly appealing candidates on the boys’ side too!

Biblical Joshua is still the most popular boy name ending in A (#48 in 2019), but rising star Ezra is hot on its heels at #49. Other cool Biblical boy names ending in A (or the -ah sound) include Asa, Ira, Elisha, Micah, Judah and Nehemiah – all among the Top 1000 boy names in the US.

Unique boy names ending in A include unexpected nature names like Caldera and Sequoia, handsome Hawaiian names like Koa and Kainoa, and international nickname names like Kuba, Misha and Rafa.

Here are 20 of the best boy names ending in A:


You can find our full list of A-ending boy names here, or check out this fantastic list of boy names ending in -ah, created by @Vana.

Boy Names Ending in E

Most common boy names ending in E in the US don’t actually end in a vowel sound: think Luke, Cole, Jude and Blake. The most popular E-ending names that do include Spanish choices like Jose, Josue and Jorge, as well as -ee ending names like Jesse, Charlie and Kyrie.

More unusual E-ending options for boys include British favorites like Alfie, Louie and Brodie, as well as classic Italian boy names like Dante, Salvatore and Vicente.

Of course, many other popular names that end in an -ee sound are actually spelled with a Y, like Henry, Wesley and Zachary. Here are 20 of the best boy names ending in E or the -ee sound:


View our full list of boy names ending in E here, and see all boy names ending in Y here.

Boy Names Ending in I

Pop culture hit Sekani was the fastest rising boy name of the past year, and there are four more I-ending names among the newest entrants to the Top 1000. Boy names that end in I are in!

The most popular I-ending boy names in the US right now are cool Biblical choices Levi and Eli. Kai, Giovanni and Malachi also make the Top 200. Others, like Ezri, Omri and Ruairi, have never featured in the US Top 1000.

Here are 20 of the best boy names ending in I:


Check out our full list of boy names that end in I here.

Boy Names Ending in O

Without doubt, O-ending names are the hottest of the boy names ending in a vowel right now. Milo, Arlo, Leo, Theo, Hugo, Mateo, Elio and Otto are all among the Top 100 most viewed boy names here on Nameberry, and cool Spanish choices Santiago and Leonardo also make the Top 100 in the US.

Boy names ending in O feel punchy and energetic, and can be a great way to update more traditional names: think Hugo instead of Hugh, Milo instead of Miles, or Nico instead of Nicholas. Others are just plain fun to say, like Giacomo, Indigo or Lazaro.

Here are 20 of our favorite boy names that end in O:


You can browse our full list of boy names ending in O here, or check out our roundup of the 150 best boy names ending in O or the -o sound here.

Boy Names Ending in U

U is the rarest of the vowel endings, with only three U-ending names in the Top 1000 for boys: Beau, Keanu and Tru. A handful more end in the -oo sound, including Matthew, Andrew, Crew and Hugh.

Unique U-ending boy names range from Biblical choices like Jehu and Elihu, to aristocratic surnames like Fitzhugh and Montague, to modern word names like Blue and True (or should that be Tru, which ranks significantly higher than the -e ending version?)

Here are 20 of the best boy names ending in U or the -oo sound:


You can find our full list of boy names that end in U here.

What are your favorite boy names ending in a vowel or a vowel sound? Share yours below!

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