Boy Names Ending in O Suit Every Style


Boy names ending in O are trendsetters, offering a sound that’s unexpected and fun amid reams of names ending in a consonant.

How do we know they’re style-forward? O-ending names are wildly popular on the Nameberry chart, which is a good indicator of what parents-to-be are interested in now, and which names could see a lot more little namesakes soon. There are three O-ending names in the Nameberry Top Ten: Milo (readers’ number one name), Arlo and Leo. Also in our Top 100 are Theo, Hugo, Mateo, Elio and Otto.

However, in the latest US charts there were only four O-ending names in the whole Top 100: Mateo, Leo, Santiago and Leonardo. We predict we’ll see a lot of names in this style rising when the 2019 data are published, and even more for this year.

As you might guess from the names above, many O-ending names come from Spanish and Italian, which makes them great heritage choices. There are also international choices from Portuguese, Finnish, Greek, Japanese, Hawaiian and other languages across the globe.

Here’s our pick of the best O-ending boy names to suit every style. Which ones have you spotted in your neighborhood?


Modern Classics

Today, all-time Spanish classics like Pedro and Roberto are more likely to be dad names in the States. Taking their place is a new generation of names that are equally well-known and established, but less overused.

These O-ending Spanish, Italian and Portuguese names hit the sweet spot of familiar yet fresh. They could honor heritage, or be an alternative to a more staid-sounding English equivalent, like Marco instead of Mark. Many of them are more popular in their home country, like Francesco: it’s number one in Italy, but below the Top 1000 in the US.

Alessandro**Alonso**Carmelo**Diego**Francesco**Giorgio**Ignacio**Leonardo**Marco**Renato[Sergio]( Tadeo** Teodoro (and its short form Teo)Vincenzo


Fun and Friendly

These o-ending boy names are short, sprightly, and often make playful alternatives to serious choices: think Milo / Miles, or Nico / Nick. Some started out as nicknames, but stand strong in their own right. They can also be creative international paths to honor names, like Mikko for Michael or Ludo for Louise.

Bo**Bruno**Cosmo**Eero**Gio**Hugo (the most popular boy name in Spain)Jago**Leo**Ludo**Mikko**Milo**MungoNico and Niko**Otto**Rollo**Sholto**Theo**Vito[Zuko**](


Grandiose Names

Can boy names be frilly? These ones are certainly full of drama, syllables, and often impressive namesakes. In these days when William and Sebastian are more likely to go by their full names than by Will and Seb, these names work splendidly in all their glory too.



Cool Boys

The coolest o-ending names include those at the top of the charts and white-hot picks that are shooting up. There are also names with on-trend sounds like V, Z and “Kai”, pop culture hits (hi, Kylo), and Berry favorites that the rest of the world is only just discovering (like Elio).

Alessio**Arlo**Caio**Dario**Elio**Enzo**Gino**Hiro**Kylo**Leandro**Livio**Makaio**Mateo and Matteo**Renzo** Santiago**Thiago**Timeo**Viggo (don’t miss our interview with the mom of a baby Viggo)[Zeno**](



Celebs often hold a magnifying glass up to baby name trends, giving a boost to names that were hovering on the edge of the radar or just starting to become popular. These are some of the coolest O-ending celebrity baby names.

Aeko (Ammika Harris and Chris Brown)Apollo (Gwen Stefani)Caruso (Sebastian Maniscalo)Francisco (Lin Manuel Miranda)Fuego (Robin Thicke’s son Julian Fuego)Kenzo (Kevin Hart)Laszlo (Pete Wentz’s son Saint Laszlo)Lorenzo (Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi — not forgetting his little brother, Angelo)Michelangelo (Tom and Giovanna Fletcher’s son Buzz Michelangelo)Rocco (Madonna)Romeo (David and Victoria Beckham, Alec and Hilaria Baldwin)Santino (Mario Lopez)Vittorio (Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens)


Off the Map

You’ve heard of place names like Brooklyn and Camden, so why not an O-ending place name? These are some of the most usable.

Of course, all these names are gender-neutral. Rio is an example of a name that’s almost equally used for boys and girls, and Chicago is much better known as a girl name, thanks to Kim and Kanye — but it would be cool for boys too.

Alamo**Cairo and [Kairo]( (the K spelling is more popular)Chicago**Monaco**Oslo**Palermo**Reno**RioSocorro


Meaningful Names

All names have meaning to the parents who choose them, but these ones wear it on their sleeves more than most. They include spiritual choices, and word names in English and other languages.



Faux O endings

These names end in the same stylish sound, but get there with a different spelling.


For more great options, see our list of Best Boy Names Ending in O — or for something a bit different, check out our Unique Boy Names Ending in O.

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