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Gender: F Meaning of James: "supplanter" Origin of James: Hebrew

James for a girl? Well, why not? This is one of the traditional male names most adoptable for girls -- it's already been used as a pet name for some Jamies. Now that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have chosen the name for their daughter, chances are that we'll be meeting more girls named James than ever before.

The only real argument against using James for your daughter is that it's been so widely used for so long for boys, and is more fashionable today than it's been for a couple of decades. Do you want people to do a double-take every time they hear your little girl's name? If so, James might be the choice for you, but if not, keep looking.

Famous People Named James

James King, former stage name of Jamie King, American model and actress
James Olivia Fehr (b. 2008), daughter of actor Brendan Fehr
James Reynolds (b. 2014), daughter of actors Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
Kristen Jaymes Stewart, American actress
Jessie James Combs, daughter of rapper Sean Combs
Mary James Marsden, daughter of actor James Marsden
Olivia James Vedder, daughter of musician Eddie Vedder
Gracie James Livingston, daughter of actress Rosemarie DeWitt
Poppy James Gavigan, daughter of actress Jessica Capshaw
Autumn James Hallisay, daughter of actress Jennifer Love Hewitt
Ioni James Conran, daughter of model Coco Rocha
Eva James Jenner, daughter of singer Leah Jenner and Brandon Jenner
Skylar James Epstein (b. 2015), daughter of TV personality Tracy DiMarco Epstein of "Jerseylicious"
Kinsley James Robinson Clark (b. 2015), daughter of singer Travis Clark of We The Kings
Sally James McDonald-Swenson (b. 2016), daughter of actors Audra McDonald and Will Swenson
Olivia James Christian (b. 2016), daughter of actress Kellie Martin and Keith Christian

Pop Culture References for the name James

James "Jim" Brass, character on TV's "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"
Miss James, popular blogger of Bleubird