80+ Woodsy Names for Boys That Will Make You Want to Have a Son

80+ Woodsy Names for Boys That Will Make You Want to Have a Son

What do you get if you cross cottagecore with cowboy names? Meet woodsy names for boys. Woodsy names are the best of each trend — the rugged handsomeness of cowboy names blended with the romantic pastorality and natural elements of cottagecore names.

These are the names of woodland heroes and forest flora and fauna, along with names that have hidden woodsy meanings. Particularly notable are names that let you see the forest for the trees — literally. Names like Forest, Woods, Silas, and Timber — all of which reference the forest as a whole, rather than a single element — are currently on the rise.

Below, see the most fashionable woodsy names for boys right now, along with 70+ more options for your little woodsman.

Hottest Woodsy Names


Legendary pioneer Daniel Boone’s surname is a white-hot hero name for baby boys. Although ultimately French in origin, Boone is a uniquely American choice rife with imagery of the folk hero.

Boone boasts an incredible meaning as well — the surname was derived from a nickname meaning “good.” The related word boon means “benefit” or “blessing.”


Wyoming’s Bridger–Teton National Forest — the third-largest National Forest in the contiguous US — gives Bridger an outdoorsy, adventurous spirit. The forest was named after Jim Bridger, a renowned frontiersman of the 19th century.

Bridger is a sound we’ve heard often over the past year, as a part of the names of indie music sensation Phoebe Bridgers and the hit Netflix series Bridgerton. With Bridger on everyone’s lips, we expect it to pick up in popularity among baby boys.


Cedar strongly evokes the evergreen trees found in mountainous regions around the world. It is a relatively new tree name that’s risen rapidly over the past ten years. As parents look beyond mainstream tree names such as Rowan and Ash, Cedar stands out from the crowd as an appealing option.

Cedar is also mentioned in the Bible, giving it Christian connotations. It may appeal to parents looking for a modern spiritual name.


Forest differentiates itself from Forrest by eliminating the extra R, changing it from a traditional surname name to an on-trend nature name. It’s pan-arborous, referring to the entire woods rather than a single tree.

Both variations are currently climbing the charts, with Forrest taking the lead. However, Forrest’s origins as a given name tie back to the Confederacy and white supremacy, making all-natural word name Forest our preferred spelling.


Brisk and timeless Hart is still quite rare but trending sharply upward. It gets its woodsy character from its meaning, “stag,” a male deer and quintessential forest animal. The term is now obsolete, but can be seen in Shakespearean works, The Hobbit, and the King James Bible, among other places.

Hart is softened by its romantic image, thanks to the homophone “heart.” Hartley is a related unisex name, currently more popular for girls.


Kit is traditionally a nickname for Christopher, as it was for Kit Carson, a prominent frontiersman of the 19th century. Kit has only recently been rediscovered by American parents — who are using it for their sons and daughters — but it has a more pervasive history in the UK. Kit is currently in among the Top 200 boy names in England and Wales.

Kit is also a term for various young animals of the woodland, including baby foxes, ferrets, and beavers.


Rugged Ridge was previously reserved for soap opera Casanovas, but today, parents have embraced it for its ties to the natural world. In nature, a ridge is a narrow, elevated strip of land, typically associated with hilltops and mountains.

It’s energetic and adventurous — conjuring images of traversing terrain — making Ridge a perfect choice for a little outdoorsman.


Sawyer was one of the stand-out boy names of the past decade, beloved for its surname style and approachable aura. It’s an occupational name, historically designating a woodcutter. It is a wonderful choice for a contemporary woodsy boy. Or girl — Sawyer was used for girls in 28% of births in 2020.

Sawyer has now plateaued in popularity but remains a hot choice for boys. We expect it to stay in the US Top 150 for years to come. Sawyer is slightly more common on Nameberry, where it ranks in the Top 100.


Sweet, vintage Silas is among the most classic woodsy names for boys. Its forested features are concealed behind its traditional, New Testament appearance, but Silas means “wood” or “forest,” ultimately from the Latin silva.

Silas has a folksy, sensitive quality to it, perhaps ideal for a soft-spoken woodsman. Silas has long been a favorite on the Nameberry charts and is currently ranked in our Top 10.


One of the softest of the woodsy names, Sylvan has profited off the rise of sister name Sylvie. All of the names with the Sylv- prefix have forest-related meanings, derived from Silvanus, the Roman god of the trees. In ancient times, Sylv- names were used for people who lived in wooded areas.

Other options include Sylvester and Sylvian, although streamlined Sylvan has the most present-day appeal.


Timber is a generic term for lumber-appointed trees, and now, a rising boy name. It’s strong and sturdy, with a pine-scented freshness. Timber is currently gender-neutral, used among girls and boys in relatively equal proportion, but is trending toward more masculine use.

Timber is one to consider if you’re looking to pay homage to a Timothy in your life. Timberly and Timberlyn also appear on the charts for girls.


Think of Woods as Forest’s hip younger brother. He’s new to the scene and catching on quickly. Woods is a little bit preppy with its S ending, but much brawnier than names like Banks and Townes. While Woody is generally seen as off-limits (too Disney, too Allen, too euphemistic), the main association with Woods is the forest, naturally.

Woods is most popular as a given name but works as a nickname for the recently emerged names Woodland and Woodson. It could also be used to honor an ancestral Woody or Woodrow.

More Woodsy Names for Boys

  • Adair

  • Adler

  • Alder

  • Arbor

  • Arrow

  • Arthur

  • Ash

  • Bear

  • Benno

  • Birch

  • Branch

  • Briar

  • Burl

  • Carver

  • Cliff

  • Colter

  • Conall

  • Dov

  • Elm

  • Ewan

  • Ezio

  • Fennec

  • Fletcher

  • Ford

  • Foster

  • Fox

  • Grizzly

  • Grove

  • Hartley

  • Hawk

  • Hawthorn

  • Holsten

  • Huck

  • Ivo

  • Kenton

  • Laramie

  • Leaf

  • Linden

  • Lowell

  • Lynx

  • Marlow

  • Moss

  • Nash

  • North

  • Oak

  • Oakley

  • Oberon

  • Oren

  • Orson

  • Oscar

  • Pine

  • Ralph

  • Ranger

  • Ridley

  • Ripley

  • River

  • Roscoe

  • Rowan

  • Rudy

  • Russell

  • Sayer

  • Shaw

  • Spruce

  • Stone

  • Thoreau

  • Torben

  • Walden

  • Wilder

  • Wolf

  • Woodland

  • Woodson

  • Zev

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